Free Printable Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets (Updated 2023): PPR, Non-PPR, and Standard

Everyone loves fantasy football rankings, but they can be difficult to manage and take into your fantasy football drafts with you! No one enjoys having to scroll through and match up who’s been taken in your league on a screen. That’s time better spent strategizing your next pick, right?

With that in mind, the PFN Fantasy Staff (comprised of Fantasy Football Director Kyle Yates, and fantasy football analysts Kyle Soppe, Jason Katz, and Derek Tate) have put together these printable cheat sheets from their Consensus Rankings.

Simply scroll down to the bottom fo the post, enter your email address, select the links below for your league format, print it, and then get ready to dominate your fantasy football draft!

Happy drafting, everyone! We’ll be with you here at PFN the entire year to help you bring home that fantasy football championship trophy.

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Printable Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets By Format

Cheat sheets are a “cheat” code in fantasy football drafting, but what good are they if they’re not optimized for your league? If you’re not sure which scoring format your league plays in, make sure to check your league settings!

Below are descriptions of each of the sheets that we offer. Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post to download these cheat sheets.


PPR stands for point-per-reception, which means that for every catch a player makes on the field this year, you’ll receive one full point. This format bumps up the value of WRs, naturally, while also providing a bit of a boost to pass-catching RBs.


Non-PPR was the standard format for fantasy football for quite a while before the emergence of Full-PPR started to become the norm. However, fantasy managers that play in Non-PPR formats swear by it as it rewards the players who fight for their yardage and get it done on the ground.

0.5 PPR

Half-PPR scoring is essentially the best of both worlds for fantasy managers. It places a priority on being able to run the ball effectively – and rewards it – while also adding in a bit more scoring and points on the board. This format essentially balances RBs and WRs effectively.

Download Our Printable Fantasy Football Cheat Sheets

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