Frank Clark sheds some light on Chiefs teammate Chris Jones flag

Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark provided some clarity on the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty that cost teammate Chris Jones.

With just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter of what would eventually become a Chiefs loss to the Colts, Indy faced a fourth-and-14. However, Jones was called for an untimely unsportsmanlike conduct penalty which gave the Colts a first down.

After the game, the officiating crew suggested that Jones used “disturbing language” towards quarterback Matt Ryan. Jones disagreed, stating that he and Ryan were simply “having a conversation” hence the confusion.

We still don’t know what Jones said to Ryan that resulted in the penalty, but the Kansas City star remains unhappy. His teammate, Frank Clark, shed some light on the incident this week.

Chiefs: Frank Clark on why Chris Jones was penalized

“You can barely say ‘hell’ anymore without the refs telling you wrong,” Clark said, per KSHB. “You gotta go out there and play a solid, fundamental, Christian-like game.”

Clark added that he gets warned by officiating crews all the time, and it’s best to keep insults close to the vest.

In the end, Kansas City lost for more reasons than just Jones’ penalty, but that sure didn’t help matters.

“I was frustrated that I got called, I don’t think I said anything horrendous,” Jones said after the game. “I thought [Matt Ryan and I] were having a conversation with one another, but you never know what the official is seeing. Could’ve heard something that was loud, so could have done a better job playing football.”

The official who made the call, Shawn Smith, did not back down from his decision after the game.

So, what did Jones say to Ryan? It looks like we’ll never know, officially at least.

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