Former Chiefs’ WR says Patrick Mahomes’ accuracy is best trait

On Tuesday, former Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Marc Boerigter joined the Arrowhead Addict podcast and dished on his favorite quality in Patrick Mahomes.

Patrick Mahomes makes the highlight reels for left-handed and no-look passes. Yet it’s the ones we see more often, the mind-bending arm angles that have garnered attention from at least one former player.

On Tuesday afternoon, former Kansas City Chiefs receiver Marc Boerigter joined the Arrowhead Addict Podcast and covered a wide range of topics, including his infamous 99-yard touchdown catch as a rookie, his days in the Canadian football League, how he believes teams will attempt to defend the new-look Chiefs and more.

However, perhaps the more illuminating answer from Boerigter was when he spoke about Mahomes from a former player’s perspective. When asked about what the most impressive trait of Mahomes is through said lens, Boerigter went directly to accuracy.

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ accuracy might be his best skill

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“I think his accuracy,” Boerigter said when asked to name Mahomes’ best skill. “When I say that, it’s because he throws from all the crazy arm angles that he does. …The most impressive throws to me are the ones where he’s throwing around a defensive lineman and it looks like he’s going to throw a normal throwing motion, and then it comes out sideways.

“It’s a sidearm shot around the defensive end, leading his receiver by about six yards, and it ends up right in his hands, or right in his chest. That’s the part that I think is underrated.”

While Mahomes’ accuracy is often in the background during conversations about his greatness, it’s  also evident looking at his numbers. Through four seasons as Kansas City’s starting quarterback, the former first-round pick out of Texas Tech has completed 66.1 percent of his throws, including a career-best 66.3 percent in both 2020 and ’21.

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