Final Risers From the 2023 Senior Bowl Include Tyjae Spears, Jayden Reed

The 2023 Reese’s Senior Bowl roster was packed with future NFL talent. But out of this stacked group, which NFL draft prospects helped their stock the most in Mobile? Here’s a look at the top risers from the event.

Final Risers From the 2023 Senior Bowl

Tyjae Spears, RB, Tulane

There wasn’t a more electric player at the Senior Bowl this year than Tyjae Spears. He turned heads with his measurement first, coming in at 204 pounds. Then he showed he could retain his explosiveness and quick twitch at that size, dashing through lanes, routing up linebackers, and improving in pass protection. His week was a stellar one.

Jayden Reed, WR, Michigan State

Jayden Reed measured in as one of the smaller wide receivers at the Senior Bowl. But it didn’t matter, because no one could cover him. Reed constantly won in one-on-ones and team drills with a devastating mix of acceleration, speed, route nuance, and focus at the catch point — a foolproof combination for success in the NFL.

Darius Rush, CB, South Carolina

Darius Rush piqued interest when he measured in around 6’2″ and 196 pounds, with arms nearly 33″ long. But the most impressive part of his week in Mobile was his ability to match and suffocate receivers in one-on-ones.

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For his size, Rush displayed uncanny hip fluidity, foot speed, and reaction quickness. He can improve in run support, but his coverage upside is immense.

Adetomiwa Adebawore, DT, Northwestern

It’s not brash to say Adetomiwa Adebawore was borderline dominant in Mobile. In team drills, Adebawore was able to use active hand usage to deconstruct blocks and generate pressure. And in one-on-ones, he blasted back lonely blockers with his elite explosiveness and power. Adebawore’s ability was always visible on tape, but now there’s no doubt.

Steve Avila, OL, TCU

Already, Steve Avila carried a lot of appeal as a prospect heading into the Senior Bowl. He’s a dense, boxy offensive lineman with versatility on the interior. But in one-on-ones and team drills, he showed off surprising lateral mobility. And particularly on an island against defensive tackles, his ability to lock out and generate torque was a devastating touch.

Sydney Brown, S, Illinois

Perhaps Sydney Brown shouldn’t have flown under the radar for this long. We’ve known he’s a freak athlete for a while. And in Mobile, his mental toughness and acuity showed up time and time again.

He’s an extremely dense and compact defender at 5’10”, 213 pounds, but for that size, he’s incredibly fluid and free-flowing in space. He’s a true playmaker in every sense of the word.

Daiyan Henley, LB, Washington State

At 6’1″, 230 pounds, with 33″ arms, Daiyan Henley looks the part of an NFL linebacker. And his film clearly shows the necessary explosiveness, twitch, and movement freedom.

Playing with control, particularly in coverage, has been an area of added emphasis for Henley. He showed improved patience and discipline in one-on-ones — an exciting development for his stock.

Nick Saldiveri, OL, Old Dominion

Nick Saldiveri is 6’6″, 311 pounds, with over 33″ arms. He doesn’t always look like it, however, because he’s so natural at bending his knees, playing with controlled lean, and maintaining his center of gravity.

It’s a combination that allowed him to seamlessly transition to the interior in Mobile. As a center or guard, he should draw looks in the middle rounds now.

Michael Wilson, WR, Stanford

Michael Wilson has an injury history that may complicate his 2023 NFL Draft process. But he did everything he could to increase his stock during his week in Mobile. Wilson first won measurements, coming in with a 6’2″, 216-pound frame.

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All throughout the week, he was able to displace receivers with blistering lateral agility and hip sink, and he kicked off the game with an exceptional extension catch.

Marte Mapu, S, Sacramento State

Small-school prospects have an especially great opportunity at the Senior Bowl against premier competition. If they show out, they can announce themselves to the nation on a major stage.

That’s what Marte Mapu was able to do this year. At 6’3″, 217 pounds, with arms over 33″, he looked explosive and physical in drills, giving off shades of Jeremy Chinn.

Honorable Mentions

  • John Michael Schmitz, C, Minnesota
  • Luke Musgrave, TE, Oregon State
  • Payne Durham, TE, Purdue
  • Grant DuBose, WR, Charlotte
  • Evan Hull, RB, Northwestern
  • SaRodorick Thompson, RB, Texas Tech
  • Wanya Morris, OT, Oklahoma
  • Julius Brents, CB, Kansas State
  • Karl Brooks, DT, Bowling Green
  • Adam Korsak, P, Rutgers

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