Even Joe Buck is upset about the Chiefs roughing the passer call

Kansas City Chiefs pass-rusher Chris Jones was called for a terrible roughing the passer call, which likely wiped out a defensive touchdown as a result.

It’s been a bad week for NFL officiating crews, namely as it pertains to roughing the passer calls.

In the wake of Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion mishandling, referees have been protecting quarterbacks to an unnecessary degree — in most cases. While Kenny Pickett might differ, Tom Brady was the benefit of one of the worst roughing the passer calls we’ve ever seen.

That was until Monday night, when Jones was penalized for his landing too hard on Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

Excuse me?!

Chris Jones roughing the passer, explained

It’s tough to explain a bad call, but let me try. Per NFL rules, defensive players these days are supposed to avoid landing with their entire body weight on the quarterback. In an ideal world, this would mean wrapping up the QB and gently placing him/her on the ground. Perhaps a Sleep Number mattress and pillows will be included? Oh, and don’t forget a quilt and fresh sheets!

In Brady’s case, that may not even be enough.

Joe Buck calls out officials for Chiefs roughing the passer call

Buck plays matters close to the vest, as he should as an NFL broadcaster — he’s not meant to show bias. But in terms of this roughing the passer call, Buck made his opinion on it known. In terms of a defensive player not putting their entire weight while landing on the quarterback, Buck dropped an amazing quote, per Pro Football Talk: “What’s the defensive player supposed to do, disappear?”

This, essentially, is how we all feel.

It’s not that fans don’t know the rule. It’s been explained over and over again. The issue is that said roughing the passer calls make no sense, and are unavoidable. Defensive players don’t stand a chance in the modern game.

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