Eagles fans read into draft fashion for clue on first round pick

Eagles fans took notice when Bijan Robinson’s mother turned up to the NFL Draft wearing midnight green after an NFL insider said to keep an eye on Philly.

NFL Draft rumors are never hotter than the hours before the picks begin and that was no exception in 2023.

News of Lamar Jackson’s new contract was followed by conflicting reports over the Cardinals dealing DeAndre Hopkins to the Titans in a trade for the No. 3 overall pick.

Eagles fans didn’t have much reason to pay attention to those threads on draft day, but their time would come.

Jordan Shultz told fans to “Keep a close eye on the #Eagles tonight,” suggesting Philadelphia is up to something with their picks at No. 10 and 30.

Then fans noticed something else: Texas running back Bijan Robinson’s mother was rocking a dress on the NFL Draft red carpet with a very familiar color scheme.

Eagles fans see sign from Bijan Robinson’s mother on NFL Draft day

If that’s not the exact shade of Eagles’ midnight green, it’s pretty darn close.

Could Philadelphia be on the verge of adding a new star running back to the mix?

The Eagles lost leading rusher Miles Sanders to the Panthers in free agency. So they are in need of a primary ballcarrier.

There are many competing philosophies about whether or not its wise to use a first round pick on a running back, but Robinson may be an exception. He’s an elite prospect coming out of Texas. He could be worth the pick.

A lot can happen in the draft in the first five picks, let alone the whole first round. Robinson’s mom can’t possible be sure that the Eagles are going to be the ones to pick her son. But maybe she is trying to manifest something. After all, the running back has made it clear he’d love to play with Jalen Hurts. Maybe the chatter is true.

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