Eagles fans get more reasons to say good riddance to Jonathan Gannon

Philadelphia Eagles fans should be absolutely furious with Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon going forward for the rest of time.

Good luck having Philadelphia Eagles fans forgive their former defensive coordinator Jonathan Gannon for seemingly mailing it in during the Super Bowl.

Gannon wasn’t the only top-flight assistant on Nick Sirianni’s staff that got one of 32. Offensive coordinator Shane Steichen now leads the charge for the Indianapolis Colts. Although the Eagles lost in controversial, heartbreaking fashion to the Kansas City Chiefs in Arizona, there was a reason why Gannon wasn’t morose in the wake of soul-crushing defeat in The Valley of the Sun.

With the Arizona Cardinals being under investigation for tampering with Gannon in their process of hiring him as their next head coach, Jawns are connecting the dots that their former defensive coordinator was not totally locked in during the biggest game of his life.

I can 100 percent relate to them in this because Kyle Shanahan completely mailed it in the second half of Super Bowl 51 and cost my Atlanta Falcons a Lombardi Trophy. The worst part in all this is there will be another hotshot coordinator and first-time head coaching candidate who will flub it up in the worst way possible by not finishing the drill. You only get so many opportunities to win it.

With the unforgiving nature of Philadelphia fans in general, Gannon is probably not welcome back.

NFL rumors: Jonathan Gannon may have mailed it in with Philadelphia Eagles

I’m going to be totally honest here. While I can understand the challenges that come with doing two jobs at once, you have to finish the drill. You owe your players, your colleagues and your existing team’s fans better. Once you leave for another opportunity, no one is going to blame you if you gave your all when it was required. The hiring cycle is brutal, but it is not a new phenomenon.

Look. Gannon was going to get a job in this offseason cycle. He interviewed very well for the Houston Texans gig two years ago that ultimately went to Lovie Smith. Once you kind of cross that threshold, it mostly becomes an inevitability. It is why I feel so confident that Cincinnati Bengals defensive coordinator Lou Anarumo will get his own team in 2024 after being a Cardinals finalist.

Overall, I think this brings up a very interesting ethical debate over if a team can jumpstart next season before the old one finishes. If you stink to high heaven, sure, but what if you are trying to poach the best of the best while the superior franchise still has bigger fish to fry? The transactional nature of pro and college football is here to stay, but what if this could be improved?

For now, Eagles fans will probably let the door hit Gannon on the way out for the rest of time.

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