Does Justin Fields have the toughest job in the NFL?

A chart shows the obvious, Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields may have the toughest job of all quarterbacks in the National Football League. 

Life has not been for Justin Fields ever since he became the starting quarterback for the Chicago Bears, and stats prove it.

Just by looking at the graph, you can see it’s bad. Here’s the thing, though, you don’t need a scatterplot or analysis to see why Fields has the toughest job in the NFL. Look at what he has to work with.

There’s no talent around him, and in fairness, a legitimate argument can be made that former general manager Ryan Pace had a big hand in this. Sure, new general manager, Ryan Poles bears some blame for this, but a general manager can’t fix nearly a decade of dysfunction in one night. This may take two-three years to resolve.

Justin Fields unequivocally has the toughest job of all quarterbacks in the National Football League

It’s been known that quarterbacks tend to perform average or below average in Chicago, with the franchise mostly known for defense and running backs. Justin Fields was brought in with the hope of changing that.

Unfortunately, it has not been that way, and the Bears are in a situation right now where they don’t have many resources to work with. Sure, the 2023 offseason figures to be a change, but right now, they may just have to take their lumps and hope that Poles and head coach Matt Eberflus have the right plan to help Justin Fields.

It’s hard to be a Chicago Bears fan when all you have is the 1985 team that won a Super Bowl, a 2006 team that went back to the big game with Rex Grossman as a quarterback, and then sprinkled years of success. Justin Fields wants to change that, but unless he gets some real help around him, that’s not going to change anytime soon.

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