Deion Sanders breaks up heated Twitter feud between Robert Griffin III and LeSean McCoy

Deion Sanders stepped in between ugly Twitter argument between Robert Griffin III and LeSean McCoy over career stats, yet the dispute continued.

The overall reaction to a historically bad Thursday Night Football game was one of disappointment throughout the NFL.

There are questions surrounding the recent additions of Matt Ryan and Russell Wilson, although Wilson seems to be taking the brunt of insults as the highly-paid quarterback who’s now 2-3.

Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III asked his Twitter followers to caption a photo of Melvin Gordon III staring down Russell Wilson as Wilson sits on the bench. One can only imagine the thoughts running through Gordon’s head — most likely ones pondering why Wilson chose not to run the ball more frequently — in a snapshot that resonated with many who witnessed the game.

And out of nowhere, former NFL running back LeSean McCoy popped up in an attempt to put RGIII in his place.

“Take it easy on him,” McCoy wrote on Twitter. “You experience this moment a lot more than Russ.”

Griffin answered back with an edgy jab on his own: “Dang you still mad for outrushing you in a game?” Griffin then mentioned having more rushing touchdowns than McCoy had total touchdowns in 2012, as well as how Washington knocked the Eagles out of playoff contention in 2014.

Their Twitter exchange continued to unravel until NFL legend Deion Sanders got involved, saying “okay fellas that’s enough!” Sanders gave credit to both players for being “truly dominant.”

“Out of respect for you, I will put my cook book away,” Griffin told Sanders after tweeting that McCoy was a “rollie pollie” and declared he was the better broadcaster of the two.

McCoy wasn’t finished.

Robert Griffin III, LeSean McCoy spar on Twitter until Deion Sanders steps in

That was the last that McCoy had to say on the matter, and Griffin III made it abundantly clear that Sanders was the only reason he was putting his “cook book” down.

Former NFL tackle Andrew Whitworth sent RGIII a thumbs up emoji, indicating that he was on Griffin’s side in this argument.

Griffin asked fans to cook Russ after a bad game, and McCoy wanted to cook Griffin for his much shorter career as an NFL starter. As Coach Sanders said, both professional players have accolades to be proud of in their respective careers. Since the two are broadcasters now, it makes sense that both would comment on Wilson’s performance.

“I was bored, I was definitely bored,” McCoy told Rich Eisen following the TNF game. “Everybody’s so tough on Russ right now. It takes a little time. He’s not cooking yet, but I think he will eventually.”

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