Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones ‘Would Have Fired’ Brandon Staley if Justin Herbert Was QB, Exec Tells Insider

Consider Brandon Staley unsafe with the Dallas Cowboys in an alternate universe. While Staley remains safe but facing the hot seat with the Los Angeles Chargers this coming season, one NFL executive shared with NFL Insider Matt Lombardo of Fan Buzz on Tuesday that Staley would have been fired by Jerry Jones…even if Justin Herbert was behind center.

NFL Executive Believes Jerry Jones Would Fire Brandon Staley

Speaking on the condition of anonymity to speak freely about other teams, one NFC personnel executive told Lombardo that he doesn’t think highly of Staley.

“The Chargers would be a situation to watch. They’re cheap, so I don’t think they want to actually fire him, and he’s a really nice guy. But, Brandon Staley is a really bad coach with a great roster,” the executive said. “They just paid that quarterback, and if they don’t win now, Justin Herbert isn’t getting any younger. It blows my mind that they don’t win.”

Then came one last ripping of Staley: He wouldn’t last with the Cowboys even if Herbert, not Dak Prescott, was the quarterback.

“If Jerry Jones had Justin Herbert, that head coach would have been fired two years ago. Guaranteed,” he said to Lombardo.

The executive concluded with a comparison between Herbert and the Cowboys’ most recent Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman — which was intertwined with his belief of Staley being ousted by Dallas if he were the head man.

“What’s the difference between Herbert and Troy Aikman? Nothing, in my opinion. They’re smart, accurate, big arm, great guys, and leaders off the field. They should be rolling, but they haven’t been,” the executive said.

Could 2023 Coaching Hire Save Staley?

No question that Staley will be under a microscope in L.A. and the league this fall — following the Chargers’ infamous collapse against the Jacksonville Jaguars that eliminated them in the Wild Card round of the AFC playoffs.

But while Staley diverted away from being pink-slipped, offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi was dealt a different fate as he ended up losing his job. Now, the Chargers made the aggressive move to lure in Kellen Moore — who comes over from, coincidentally, the Cowboys.

Lombardi had media and other fans believing that Los Angeles’ offense was too predictable and conservative. The previous Chargers OC was more reliant on short to intermediate throws from Herbert while also attempting to load the line with two tight end sets.

Moore, however, has noticeably thrown more three wide receiver sets at Jack R. Hammett Sports Complex during training camp. PFN NFL Insider Adam Caplan on Tuesday received word that the Bolts are planning on operating with more than two wideouts on the field multiple times this season.

“Word around the team has been that Moore will use way more ’11 personnel’ sets (3 WR, 1 TE) than his predecessor did, and the passing game will take on a much more vertical approach. That has been the case so far in training camp,” Caplan wrote.

Caplan adds this approach, per a conversation he had with an offensive coach, will further benefit the 2021 Pro Bowler Herbert with the change in philosophy.

“The aggressive nature of Moore’s play-calling, an offensive coaching source from another NFL team said, will fit in really well with fourth-year QB Justin Herbert, who possesses one of the NFL’s best arms,” Caplan said.

Perhaps Moore’s addition will turn the volume down on Staley’s hot seat. Or, it could be a move that could lead to changes at the top if the Chargers don’t take the next step this season.

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