Clay Matthews dishes on Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay and more

Former NFL All-Pro edge rusher Clay Matthews gave us insight into Aaron Rodgers’ hoops game, why he loved playing for the Green Bay Packers and more.

Clay Matthews III never thought about a long NFL career like his father enjoyed. He was only hoping to make enough to purchase a beat-up old car.

Matthews, who spoke to FanSided NFL reporter Matt Verderame on the Stacking The Box Podcast, said his dreams as a walk-on at USC weren’t about glitz and fame, but rather trying to make an NFL roster for long enough to buy a project car.

“I didn’t start until my senior year in high school,” Matthews said. “I walked on at USC and wasn’t very good. In fact, my little brother, Casey, always reminds me, I told him after my fourth year at USC — I was a redshirt so I got to play five years — I told him I was hoping to join a team as a free agent and if I got cut, I would have enough money to rebuild an old, classic car. At 21, that was my goal in life.”

Of course, Matthews made more than enough for the car — which he never purchased — and then some, earning six Pro Bowl trips and becoming a two-time All-Pro with the Green Bay Packers. During his time with the Pack, Matthews became good friends with quarterback and four-time MVP Aaron Rodgers, who he remains close with.

Clay Matthews III talks Aaron Rodgers, playing in Green Bay and junk cars

However, he says while Rodgers is an intellectual and a phenomenal football player, he’s got northing on Matthews when it comes to the hardwood.

“There was an infamous game that nobody saw, maybe security cameras, down in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, at the 2009 Pro Bowl” Matthews said. “It was Team Matthews, me and my two brothers, versus Aaron and one his his brothers, and one of his friends. And ultimately we beat them, we took it to them. I don’t think he talked to me for a month after that. He’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.”

Matthews, 36, has walked away from the game following the 2018 season, when he notched eight sacks with the Los Angeles Rams. Now, a father of three, Matthews is more focused on laundry and trying to survive, which is one of the reasons he partnered with Tide on its new campaign.

As the official laundry detergent of the NFL, Tide is asking fans “What Would It Take?” for them to wash their jerseys – offering them incentives such as Super Bowl tickets or a chance to meet in real life. Check out the latest spot and follow the players and Tide to see “What Would It Take?”

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