CJ Stroud’s NFL quarterback idols are the worst imaginable

Someone get CJ Stroud some PR training, please. The Ohio State product spoke at the NFL Combine on Friday and didn’t exactly give encouraging answers.

Stroud is expected to be the second quarterback taken in the NFL Draft, and he ensured that placement with his answers to several questions from the press at the NFL Combine. The Ohio State product is perhaps the most complete passer in his class, but his NFL idols are…not great people, at least if we are to judge their past.

Deshaun Watson, while not convicted of a criminal crime, was accused by more than 20 women of sexual assault. The now-Cleveland Browns quarterback hopes to rebuild his image, but it’s not off to a great start. Michael Vick, which is the reason Stroud hopes to don the No. 7, pleaded guilty to running a dogfighting operation.

CJ Stroud needs better NFL idols, clearly

Now, I’m not here to suggest that because Stroud models his game after these two players, he’ll also imitate their off-field activities. Clearly that is not what Stroud meant. It’s just…not a great look.

Stroud did say a number of other, more informative statements, during his press conference. Stroud mentioned that he thought he was the best quarterback in college football, and that he does not want to be drafted by the Chicago Bears, as that’s Justin Fields’ team.

“If you turn on the film and really watch what I do and you really look at film game to game, I have used my athleticism,” Stroud said. “Not just in the Georgia game, where I did it a lot, but I’ve done it in every other game.”

Stroud did mention that he hopes to make more plays with his legs in the NFL, and that he’s not a stationary target in the pocket like some have made him out to be.

There’s a large gap between he and Mike Vick, however, and that’s not just limited to on the field.

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