Chiefs fans furious after absurd Patrick Mahomes’ NFL 100 ranking

Kansas City Chiefs fans aren’t happy with Patrick Mahomes’ NFL 100 ranking. Mahomes came in at No. 8 in the league, after being the fifth-ranked player last year.

Mahomes was ranked outside the top-5 for the first time in several years. To be fair to the players responsible for these rankings, 2021 was a struggle at times for Mahomes — he threw a career-high 13 interceptions, something we haven’t seen from him previously.

This offseason, he lost one of his favorite targets in Tyreek Hill, and will be working with a new receiving corps. This year will test Mahomes mentally, and see exactly how quickly he can adjust to new expectations. The AFC West is loaded, as well, which will only make matters tougher.

Chiefs fans angry at Patrick Mahomes ranking

Kansas City football fans are some of the most passionate in the NFL, and for good reason. Mahomes is the future and present of the league, and there’s a good argument he’s the most talented signal-caller in the NFL right now.

So why the low ranking?

It’s due to the unpredictable circumstances mentioned above — new targets, a tough division and a 2021 career-high in interceptions. Mahomes is in prove-it territory, and you can bet he’s using this time as motivation.

As for Chiefs fans, they’ll riot before questioning the Texas Tech product.

There are many more where those came from.

Mahomes did take a small step back last season, sure. That, paired with some small hurdles in the upcoming 2022 campaign, can bring into question his overall effectiveness.

However, to rank seven players ahead of him is a little much. Most general managers wouldn’t take any players ahead of Mahomes, if they had the chance.

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