Chiefs could steal one of Aaron Rodgers’ only remaining weapons

A Chiefs player and former Packers receiver is trying to get one of his former teammates over to Kansas City.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in dynasty mode. Having visited three Super Bowls in the last four seasons — winning two of them — we are watching one of the next great all-time NFL teams unfold right before our eyes.

Some thought that losing a talent like Tyreek Hill last offseason would be a massive hit to the Chiefs’ chances. They rolled out a wide receiver corps that was more democratized but just as deadly in 2022. 10 players had 15 receiving yards or more per game in 2022 compared to just six for the Chiefs in 2021.

The Chiefs do need to answer some questions at wide receiver, though, with three entering free agency: JuJu Smitch-Schuster (933 yards in 2022), Mecole Hardman (297 yards), and Justin Watson (315 yards) all hitting the open market in March.

So, what do you do? You hit the recruiting trail.

Marquez Valdes-Scantling wants to snag Allen Lazard from the Packers

A free agent from another team could possibly find his way to Kansas City… Allen Lazard, perhaps?

Marquez Valdes-Scantling, coming off the Super Bowl title a few weeks ago has hit the recruiting trail. He was not so subtle with his approach to sway his former Green Bay Packers teammate toward Kansas City in a recent Tweet:

“Pay the man ! Happy whatever way it go for you. But also come to KC,” MVS said and mentioend Lazard.

Lazard was Aaron Rodgers’ leading receiver last year in terms of yards (788), yards per game (52.5), receptions per game (4.0) and second in receiving touchdowns (6).

Green Bay and Rodgers lost Davante Adams last offseason and Lazard was as close as the franchise came to back-filling him. But even then, the decay was noticeable, with the team putting up 680 fewer passing yards in 2022 compared to 2023. Remember, Adams was good for 1,553 in 2021 with the Packers.

Green Bay losing Lazard to Kansas City or another team in the open market could seal Rodgers’ fate in Green Bay. With fewer weapons to work with than ever before, he might be extra motivated to request a trade or hang it up altogether.

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