CFB Twitter thinks the Cardinals new uniforms are a Ohio State ripoff

The Cardinals new uniforms were unveiled on Thursday night with some on college football twitter noticing a resemblance to Ohio State’s jerseys.

There’s always pressure to get uniform redesigns right. A good look could become an instant classic. A bad look would be an absolute embarrassment for a team hoping to freshen up their look.

So Cardinals fans can be pleased that their new uniforms, which were unveiled on Thursday, aren’t eyesores. Some might call them sharp.

Here’s the first look at the new red homes, white aways and black alternates.

Honestly, the biggest problem with the new threads is that they’re not particularly distinct. In fact, they look quite familiar to college football fans who called out the resemblance to uniforms already worn by Ohio State.

The Cardinals new uniforms look a lot like Ohio State

The Cardinals definitely could have done worse. Honestly though, they could also have done better.

Because yes, they look like Ohio State or Utah, but they also stripped everything from those looks that makes them undeniably the Buckeyes or the Utes.

The NFL is full of iconic brands and uniforms. When you flip on the TV, you don’t need a scorebug to tell you the Steelers or Packers are playing. In Arizona’s division, the 49ers, Rams and Seahawks are easily distinguishable.

Little about these Cardinals uniforms stands out. There’s nothing hideous about them but they’re almost generic. Where is the character? What makes them distinctly Arizona?

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