Centers Drafted In 2023 NFL Draft

Which centers were drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft? Who were the teams that drafted those centers, and how does the 2023 class compare to previous years?

Which Centers Were Drafted in the 2023 NFL Draft?

Joe Tippmann, Wisconsin | New York Jets

Round 2, Pick 43
Tippmann graded as a late Day 2 prospect coming into the 2022 season, but visibly improved his footwork, hand usage, and became more consistent with his angle management and diagnosis ability. All of those technical improvements only served to insulate his elite physical skill set.

Few centers have the physical foundation that Tippmann has. Though his size could cause issues with leverage, his combination of size, athleticism, functional strength, and power capacity is rare. Tippmann is explosive off the snap, rangy as a pulling blocker, and delivers great force and physicality at the point of attack. When he’s latched, it can be very hard for defenders to break free.

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John Michael Schmitz, Minnesota | New York Giants

Round 2, Pick 57
At times, there’s some hesitance that comes with prospects who exhaust their eligibility at the collegiate level. Some CFB veterans lack the physical tools to leave early for the NFL and thus have reduced ceilings when they declare. That’s not the case with Schmitz.

Schmitz has the awareness, football IQ, footwork, and tenacious physicality that you’d expect from a tenured offensive lineman. But he’s also surprisingly explosive and fluid in congested areas, and his functional strength is a near-elite trait to build around. He’s not quite an elite athlete, but Schmitz has more than enough mobility to function both as a puller and in condensed spaces.

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Ricky Stromburg, Arkansas | Washington Commanders

Round 3, Pick 97
Stromburg brings excellent athletic traits to the center position. In addition to his strength, athleticism, and football intelligence, the Arkansas center offers some elements of versatility. While he’s been used exclusively at center these past few seasons, Stromberg has starting experience at both guard spots. Having versatility along the interior offensive line is a big plus for young player entering the NFL.

Rounds 4-7

4) Olusegun Oluwatimi, Michigan
Round 5, Pick 154 | Seahawks

5) Luke Wypler, Ohio State
Round 6, Pick 190 | Browns

6) Jarrett Patterson, Notre Dame
Round 6, Pick 201

7) Alex Forsyth, Oregon
Round 7, Pick 257 | Broncos

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