Cardinals, Eagles, and More Changes Coming

The Arizona Cardinals have unveiled their new NFL uniforms for the 2023 season. The new design was announced 18 years to the day since their last redesign in downtown Phoenix.

A change to the ruling last offseason now allows two different helmets to be used and has seen a number of teams take the chance to introduce new uniforms for the new season.

Previously the NFL only allowed for one helmet design due to safety concerns, but the change in the rule saw 13 teams wear different helmets in 2022. Teams are now taking advantage, reintroducing popular, legendary NFL uniforms in the way of throwbacks.

Which Teams Will Make Changes to Their Uniforms in 2023?

Arizona Cardinals

For the first time since 2005, the Cardinals will be sporting a new look this upcoming season. After days of attempted hype and messaging on social media, the uniforms were finally revealed on Thursday.

The offseason has been one of change in Arizona after changes were made following the Cardinals’ finish at the bottom of the NFC West in 2022. Jonathan Gannon is the new head coach, while Monti Ossenfort comes over to be the team’s general manager. The new era for Arizona has also coincided with a brand new uniform design.

It has long been known that the Cardinals were looking to refresh their uniforms, with team owner Michael Bidwill saying, “new uniforms were on the radar” in an interview on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM last year. Bidwill is the third youngest team owner and is excited about the new design.

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The new look is a simple design, and the uniforms offer a clean, fresh take on the team’s jerseys. Red home jerseys, white away jerseys, and a black alternate uniform were announced, along with subtle changes to the helmet design.

Wearing the all-red home design Kyler Murray looked excited about the change. “If you can’t look good in these, you can’t look good, that’s all I’m saying,” Murray spoke at the launch event.

The red home jersey has the words “protect the nest” stitched into the collar and “Arizona” placed on the front in bold lettering. Both the away and alternate jerseys are similar designs with “bird gang” stitched into the collar and striping on the shoulders.

The uniforms were announced to a mixed response, with some loving and some not convinced.

Philadelphia Eagles – Throwback

It was officially announced on March 29 that the Philadelphia Eagles are finally bringing back their throwback Kelly Green jerseys for the new NFL season. A return of these uniforms is something that Philly fans have been crying out for, and the announcement went down brilliantly on social media.

Seattle Seahawks – Throwback

Introducing new throwback uniforms has been a trend this offseason, and the Seattle Seahawks will also be bringing back a classic design.

The royal blue jerseys and silver helmets of the ‘90s will return in 2023. The announcement took place during Seattle’s home game against the Raiders back in November. A much-anticipated addition, Seahawks fans have been elated with the news.

Tennessee Titans – Throwback

It is rumored it may only be for one game, but the Tennessee Titans will be using a Houston Oilers throwback uniform in 2023. Titans reporter Jim Wyatt said that the throwback NFL uniforms will be worn in a home game and hinted that it may well happen against the Houston Texans.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Throwback

Tampa Bay is also bringing back a vintage design with its creamsicle uniforms being reintroduced for the 2023 season. The original design was used from 1976 to 1996, and the throwback uniforms will include the Bucco Bruce logo. The revival of a classic jersey design was applauded by fans.

Carolina Panthers – Color Change

The changes that the Carolina Panthers are making are nothing to get excited about and possibly something most won’t even notice. A small change to the shade of color that the Panthers use will take place due to Nike’s new uniform technology.

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The technology allows Nike to better match the jersey color with that of the Panthers, rather than the closest match in their existing color book.

Detroit Lions – Helmet Change

The Lions are not introducing new NFL uniforms, but they will be introducing a new helmet design for the 2023 season, which will be paired with their grey alternate uniforms. Rod Wood, president of the Lions, has gone public that the team is exploring options for introducing a new uniform in 2024, so watch this space.

Denver Broncos – Helmet Change

We don’t yet know what the Denver Broncos’ alternate helmet will be. But we do know it is happening. Denver’s president, Damani Leech, all but confirmed it at the league’s annual meeting, and a Twitter post by the official Broncos account hinted that we’ll see the helmets in Fall 2023.

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