Browns provide Myles Garrett injury update after car crash

Browns star defensive end Myles Garrett was involved in a scary-looking single-car crash on Monday and the team provided an injury update on Tuesday.

Cleveland Browns star Myles Garrett gave NFL fans a scare on Monday when news broke that the former No. 1 overall pick was involved in a car accident. It was soon after reported that it was a single-car accident and that both Garrett and a female passenger suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

However, fans were still left wondering the extent of Garrett’s injuries even if they weren’t life-threatening as pictures began to circulate of his 2021 Porsche looking in very bad shape as he reportedly rolled the car over in the crash.

On Tuesday, however, the Browns provided an update that offered some clarity and good news on the injury status of the star defensive end. Garrett suffered “a shoulder sprain, biceps strain, minor lacerations” in addition to a number of “bumps and bruises.” Luckily, he avoided any fractures and also cleared concussion protocols.

Browns: Myles Garrett status for Week 4 TBD after injuries from car crash

All told, that’s an extremely positive update on Myles Garrett as the aftermath of the crash looked harrowing. Thankfully, reports have indicated that both the Browns superstar and his passenger were both wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash, which surely prevented more serious injuries.

With that said, Cleveland did note that Garrett will continue to be monitored by team doctors to get him back to football activities. In that light, his status for the Week 4 game against the Atlanta Falcons is up in the air as he recovers from his injuries.

Whether or not he plays — though the team would surely prefer to have a healthy Garrett setting the edge rather than not if that’s a possibility — fans can be thankful that he is overall okay and should be back on the field sooner rather than later after a car crash that could’ve had much more dire results.

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