Browns fan arrested for throwing a bottle at Jimmy Haslam

The Cleveland Browns certainly have a fanbase like no other. A Browns fan was recently arrested for throwing a bottle at Jimmy Haslam.

The Cleveland Browns have a fanbase like no other. The team unfortunately doesn’t frequent the playoffs, so fans are certainly some of the most loyal in the league. However, some express their outrage in not-so-pleasant ways.

One fan recently got arrested for throwing a bottle at Browns owner Jimmy Haslam during a game.

The fan was identified as 51-year-old Jeffrey Miller, and he couldn’t hold back his rage when the New York Jets scored a touchdown with a few seconds left in the game to take the win.

NFL insider Tom Pelissero of NFL Network originally tweeted regarding the incident, which shows Haslam being struck and then pointing to the stands, showing where he believed the bottle came from.

Luckily, he was only struck in the leg and doesn’t have any reported damage or injuries from it, but the situation could’ve been much more dangerous.

The frustration is understandable. It’s never fun for anyone to watch their team lose, especially when they were so close to winning. However, Miller’s actions were uncalled for.

He’ll likely be facing more than just jail time.

Browns fan likely banned after throwing bottle at owner Jimmy Haslam

According to NBC Sports, the Browns plan to ban Miller from First Energy Stadium.

They shared in a statement, “Fan, player and staff safety is the top priority in our building and behavior that puts others in danger will not be tolerated. Luckily no one was harmed in this incident and as a standard practice, we’ve cooperated with law enforcement authorities and security video footage of the object being thrown is in the appropriate hands. We will have no further comment on this matter.”

A moment of rage is definitely not worth a criminal record and a ban from one’s favorite team’s football stadium.

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