Broncos’ bad coaching, NFL Week 1 reaction and more

The Denver Broncos lost in mind-numbing fashion to the Seattle Seahawks, plus Week 1 reaction and Week 2 gambling talk on Stacking The Box.

Anytime you can kick a 64-yard field goal outdoors instead of allowing your $242 million quarterback take his chances on 4th and 5, you have to do it.

This was apparently the thought process of first-year head coach Nathaniel Hackett, who let kicker Brandon McManus kick what would have been the second-longest field goal in league history, only to miss wide left in a 17-16 loss to the Seattle Seahawks.

On Tuesday, FanSided’s national NFL reporter Matt Verderame took Hackett to task for his egregious decision. Co-host Sterling Holmes joined Verderame in his discontent, wondering how the Broncos could allow for such a ridiculous defeat.

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Broncos coaching, NFL Week 1 reaction and NFL Week 2 odds

Then, the guys took a deep dive into Week 1 and laid out who they believe were the best and worst teams of the weekend, with the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs getting love. Conversely, the entire NFC is under suspicion for being fraudulent.

In the next segment, Verderame and Holmes delve into how worried they are about the Cincinnati Bengals, and if Trey Lance is going to be on a short leash with the San Francisco 49ers.

Finally, BetSided’s Ben Heisler came on the show for the last half-hour, helping the guys look ahead to Week 2. The trio looked at some of their favorite bets, along with the three best contests and which way to potentially go with the lines and totals.

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