Brittany Mahomes destroyed the KC Star and for a great reason

Brittany Mahomes didn’t hold back on destroying the Kansas City Star for a take they shared about Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes.

Brittany Mahomes didn’t hold back on destroying the Kansas City Star for sharing a take on her husband, Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The article by the KC Star, titled Letter: The Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes always keeps his eye out for himselfdiscusses the idea that Mahomes only cares about himself and not his team.

Brittany Mahomes quoted their Tweet and wrote, “Y’all are extremely ignorant for this. Kansas City doesn’t do this to it’s people, what a joke you guys are.”

The letter, which only included two paragraphs, goes on to say that Mahomes doesn’t care about the team as a whole and only cares about how he looks.

He’s found himself in the public eye in unfavorable circumstances a few times, but he’s accomplished a lot with the Chiefs that proves he cares about the team’s success.


Chiefs star QB Patrick Mahomes has brought the team a lot of success

There’s no doubt that Mahomes is extremely competitive. In 2018, his first season as a starter, he had a completion percentage of 66, racked up 5,097 passing yards and threw 50 touchdowns. He threw the most touchdowns and second-most passing yards in the league that season.

Just one season later, he brought the team to a Super Bowl victory, the second in franchise history.

He’s had a great start to this season as well. Despite a few moments of tough performance, he’s been able to turn himself around and provide what the team needs. He had an open but seemingly heated discussion with coach Eric Bieniemy about his poor performance in the first half of the game during Week 3, but he seemed to take the criticism to heart after all was said and done.

How he feels about himself compared to the rest of the team is only something he has the answer to. However, given his success and contribution to the Chiefs, Brittany Mahomes has every right to be upset about the comments made.

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