Brittany Mahomes claps back at Joe Rogan for line-crossing comments

Brittany Mahomes is just living her best life celebrating Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ second Super Bowl in five years but she’s had enough of Joe Rogan.

Living in the spotlight since even before her now-husband, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, were married, Brittany Mahomes has never been a stranger to criticism. The online trolls on social media and otherwise have rarely been shy about taking aim at her for countless things.

Joe Rogan, however, took it too far.

During a recent podcast, Rogan and his guests watched a video of Brittany celebrating the Chiefs’ 2019 win over the Texans in the Divisional Round and mocked her for that. That probably wasn’t cool in itself, but Rogan took it well past the line with his next comments.

“Oh yeah, she’s a lot,” Rogan said. “The problem is, they keep that same energy when you get divorced. They come after you. They come after you with that same energy.”

You can watch the full clip below:

Brittany Mahomes claps back at Joe Rogan after comments about marriage

On Sunday, Brittany Mahomes caught wind of these comments and wasn’t going to let them go. She took aim at Rogan for being “weird” as a “grown man talking sh*t” about another person’s marriage before going broader and saying that “hating on women” as a grown man is “pathetic” behavior.

While she may not be everyone’s favorite person, she’s completely right in this instance.

What business is it how she acts when celebrating her husband’s triumphs? How is it Joe Rogan’s concern to comment on her and the Chiefs superstar getting divorced with some baseless forward-thinking assertion?

She had every right to clap back and respond and did so, plainly, with more tact than a lot of others would have in her position. And perhaps Rogan will think twice before making an off-handed comment like that again about someone’s personal life he clearly knows nothing about.

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