Brian Urlacher hates the idea of having a dome on new Bears stadium

The Chicago Bears will soon move to a new stadium, and former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher is not a fan of putting a dome on the new site. 

Brian Urlacher has come out and said that if indeed the Chicago Bears leave Solider Field and move to a new venue, it better not have a dome.

The former Bears All-Pro linebacker and Hall of Famer recently spoke with former Bears quarterback Jay Cutler on Cutler’s podcast and made it very clear about where he stands on the stadium plans. Urlacher is not against a new stadium but rather against the design.

“Don’t put a dome on that thing, Don’t put a dome on a new stadium. They can’t do that Who the f–k wants to be in Chicago in February? Nobody,” Urlacher said. “Chicago ain’t getting no Super Bowl. It’s too f–king cold.”

This right here is face-palm worthy. In case anyone forgot, cold weather cities have hosted Super Bowls before, including Minnesota and Detroit, who play in the same division as Chicago. Furthermore, what’s so bad about having a dome, to begin with? Last we checked, Soldier Field seats the lowest capacity in the NFL, and its turf has been roundly criticized almost as much as Veteran’s Stadium was for the Eagles.

Also, if the Bears have a dome/retractable roof stadium, imagine the revenue that can come from it. The list goes on and on: Super Bowls, Wrestlemania, Final Fours, etc. Soldier Field would never host the big game, and even if it could, the Bears would not be able to recoup benefits as the Park District would get all the money from it.

Brian Urlacher spoke out against having a domed stadium for the Chicago Bears.

This type of comment by Brian Urlacher is exactly what Chicago Bears fans who wish to modernize have a problem with, including YouTuber and notable Chicago Bears fan Jeff Schlegel, known as Schlegdaddy.

Schlegel has repeatedly stated on his YouTube channel how moving to Arlington Heights and building a modern stadium with a retractable roof can generate revenue and give the Bears a fresh modern identity. Schlegel cites the desire to stick with Soldier Field-like principles and not put a dome on a new venue as an example of what he calls #BEARSFOOTBALL.

Furthermore, it has been reported that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has put out ideas for renovations to Soldier Field, which Schlegel describes as a form of #BEARSFOOTBALL, citing the desire to stick with Soldier Field-like principles and not put a dome on a new venue.

Mayor Lightfoot has received backlash for her proposal, including the Bears not being willing to negotiate and preferring to build a new stadium elsewhere. They are correct for doing so. The Bears must modernize and not succumb to pressure from the outside.

Brian Urlacher can have his view, but the Bears need to play in a better facility than Solider Field, and by adding a dome, or even a retractable roof, there is so much that can be accomplished from it, and Urlacher would be wise to enjoy the modern style of facilities as opposed to the past.

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