Bill Belichick and Sir Mix-a-Lot have a lot in common, per Nick Saban

Kirby Smart, Bill Belichick and Nick Saban are all in the same boat as Sir Mix-a-Lot over butts.

When you are evaluating top football talent, you need to channel your inner Sir Mix-a-Lot, good sir.

Georgia head coach Kirby Smart revealed at a coach’s clinic what he learned from Nick Saban through Bill Belichick. Smart is the most noted Saban disciple and in turn, Saban is the most noted Belichick disciple, so the connection is obvious. When Smart was on Saban’s Miami Dolphins staff, they went to the NFL combine in Indianapolis, sat next to Belichick and checked out some butts…

Why on god’s green earth would you ever want a defensive lineman who isn’t rocking a caboose?

It’s all about having the beefy boys up front so smaller linebackers can make plays behind them.

Sir Mix-a-Lot would have been a such a tremendous NFL Draft talent evaluator

I mean, the NFL combine is a glorified meat market. Dudes are walking around in little more than underwear to be poked and prodded before getting millions from a billionaire. The interviews in dark, clandestine rooms are rather creepy, but few professions create millionaires overnight quite like the NFL does. Let’s just say linemen with little to no junk in the trunk are not Patriots material.

Look. You cannot possibly build a championship-caliber program without absolute Freakazoid! specimens in the trenches. Games are won and lost there, so if you’re trotting out some dudes who look like 2×4’s, you’re gonna have a bad time. Football is about burrowing through another man’s soul and what better road grader to have on either side of the ball than some god given ass.

Ultimately, you gotta be down with the thickness if you want to win big in January. It’s cold out there, so those who can’t keep weight on can’t keep playing. You do need to have a well-diversified roster to win it all, but you do need ass so you won’t play … like ass. So between Belichick, Saban and Smart, they have a combined 15 championships. The Patriot Way is also The Church of Butt.

You can say I’m being immature over this, but I can flip that around and say you don’t like to win.

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