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Broncos fans want to give Nathaniel Hackett the Herm Edwards treatment by firing him on the field after Denver lost to the Colts in overtime.

The NFL world was treated to a truly torturous edition of Thursday Night Football between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts.

It was painful enough for neutrals to watch as both offenses competed for who could look the most incompetent. For Broncos fans, it was even worse.

Russell Wilson didn’t look worth a single draft pick, let alone five of them.

Head coach Nathaniel Hackett took even more criticism for his decision-making in the 12-9 loss, especially when he opted to go for a fourth-and-one instead of kicking a tying field goal in overtime.

As you can guess, that fourth-down play failed when Wilson’s pass into the endzone fell incomplete.

Twitter was not kind to Hackett.

Broncos fans want to bury Nathaniel Hackett over OT decision

You know it’s bad when an NFL coach is just five games into his tenure and Twitter is awash with takes that he should be fired. These aren’t just randos on message boards either. It’s almost a consensus at this point.

The Broncos are 2-3 with losses to the Seahawks, Raiders and Colts. This was their first home loss of the season and the crowd definitely let the team know that they weren’t pleased. In fact, fans filed out of the stadium even before overtime began.

Unfortunately for NFL fans, this won’t be the last primetime game they’ll have to endure with the Broncos involved. Denver is slated to appear on Monday Night Football in Week 6 against the Chargers. So that should be… fun?

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