Best memes and tweets as Bears and Commanders lay an egg on TNF

For the second week in a row, NFL Twitter had reason to hammer the Thursday Night Football matchup as the Bears and Commanders struggled.

Amazon paid a whole lot of money to broadcast Thursday Night Football. They’re not getting their money’s worth so far this season. And neither are NFL fans.

The latest Thursday nightmare involved the Bears and the Commanders in a matchup that most could have told you would be subpar on paper.

It was even uglier on the field, and we’re not just talking about Chicago’s choice of headwear.

NFL Twitter roasted the Bears and Commanders

Twitter bemoaned the entire experience of watching the only pro football available to them. Amazon is lucky the entire audience didn’t just switch over to FS1 to watch a barnburner between West Virginia and Baylor.

The game was just miserable viewing, whether for fans of the two teams involved or neutrals.

Neither team scored a touchdown in the first half. It was 7-6 thanks to a Washington field goal at the very beginning of the fourth quarter. The Commanders finally found the endzone with seven minutes to go.

It wasn’t pretty for either side as Carson Wentz completed just half of his passes and Justin Fields ran for his life while taking four sacks and tossing an interception. The Bears blew two red zone trips with a pick that ricocheted off a helmet and a fourth-and-inches-from-the-goal-line stop.

Was it better than the 12-9 snoozefest between the Colts and Broncos last week? At least this one featured a couple of touchdowns and the attempted heroics of Fields but it was close.

Amazon has to be holding its breath and hoping the Saints and Cardinals provide some thrills when they take over the Thursday night stage next week.

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