Bengals and Chargers in Free-Fall, While Broncos and Colts Climb Higher

Welcome to Week 13 of the Pro Football Network company-wide NFL Power Rankings. While Dalton Miller ably provides his own power rankings following the conclusion of each Sunday’s action, we’ll be polling each of PFN’s NFL contributors to assemble our list.

Each week, we’ll combine rankings from yours truly, Chief Content Officer David Bearman, NFL Director Adam Beasley, Betting Director Brian Blewis, Audience Engagement Director Mike Gambardella, COO Matt Infante, NFL Analyst Dalton Miller, Bengals Reporter Jay Morrison, Cowboys Reporter Jess Nevarez, and Fantasy Director Kyle Yates.

Which teams are too high or too low as we enter Week 13 of the 2023 NFL season?

Pro Football Network’s Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

Week 12 rank listed in parentheses.

32) Carolina Panthers (32)
31) New England Patriots (31)
30) Arizona Cardinals (29)
29) New York Giants (30)
28) Washington Commanders (26)
27) Chicago Bears

The Panthers became the second NFL team to fire their head coach this season when they parted ways with Frank Reich on Monday, and Carolina isn’t the only club in this tier that could change coaches after the 2023 campaign. Bill Belichick and Ron Rivera look like goners in New England and Washington, but the Bears’ recent defensive turnaround could help Matt Eberflus keep his job.

All the teams in this lowly tier are struggling this year, but which organization is best set up for the future? Chicago and Arizona are at the top thanks to their significant draft capital, while the Patriots and Commanders rank second and third in projected 2024 cap space and should have early first-round picks.

26) New York Jets (22)
25) Tennessee Titans (27)
24) Las Vegas Raiders (24)
23) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (21)
22) Los Angeles Chargers (18)
21) New Orleans Saints 
20) Cincinnati Bengals
19) Atlanta Falcons 

We might as well call this tier the NFC South. The Falcons are back in front after a critical Week 12 win over the Saints, but the NY Times’ projection model still only gives Atlanta a 58% chance of winning the division crown. New Orleans’ odds sit at one in three, while Tampa Bay’s back-to-back losses have dropped their playoff chances to just 15%.

Meanwhile, the Chargers and Bengals — viewed as Super Bowl contenders entering the season — have continued their precipitous drops in our power rankings. Cincinnati, which peaked at No. 6 following their Week 9 defeat of the Bills, is no longer a factor in the AFC postseason race now that Jake Browning is under center instead of Joe Burrow.

18) Green Bay Packers (23)
17) Los Angeles Rams 
16) Minnesota Vikings (14)
15) Indianapolis Colts (19)
14) Seattle Seahawks 
13) Denver Broncos 
T-11) Pittsburgh Steelers 
T-11) Cleveland Browns (9)

The Broncos have re-inserted themselves into the AFC playoff conversation by reeling off five straight wins, and the Packers are trying to do something similar in the NFC. Jordan Love and Co. pulled off an upset over the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving, but they’ll now need to do something Denver already managed — a win over Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs.

It’s fitting that the Steelers and Browns are tied for 11th in our power rankings. They have identical records (7-4) and have already split their season series. Cleveland (+30) has a much better point differential than Pittsburgh (-23), but it’s hard to get excited about the Browns’ quarterback situation when Joe Flacco might be their best option.

10) Buffalo Bills (10)
9) Houston Texans (11)
8) Detroit Lions (7)
7) Jacksonville Jaguars (8)
6) Miami Dolphins (5)
5) Dallas Cowboys 

The Bills suffered another devastating loss in Week 12 but didn’t lose the 10th spot here. Buffalo lost to the Eagles — the best team in the NFL — and the club has been the victim of bad luck this season. Josh Allen’s team is still fifth in DVOA, while their +101 point differential ranks fourth in the league and suggests the Bills should have won eight or nine games by now — instead of six.

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The most interesting team in this tier might be the Texans, who moved up two slots despite losing to the Jaguars. While Jacksonville is overwhelmingly likely to win the AFC South, Houston is still in a position to fight for a Wild Card berth. No club wants to see C.J. Stroud on the other side of the field with a playoff game on the line.

4) Kansas City Chiefs (4)
3) Baltimore Ravens (2)
2) San Francisco 49ers (3)
1) Philadelphia Eagles (1)

It’s mostly status quo among the NFL’s elite, although the Ravens and 49ers did swap spots. Both clubs won in Week 12, but San Francisco beat a contending Seattle team by 18 points, while Baltimore only beat the flailing Chargers by 10.

They’re incredibly close in our voters’ eyes. The 49ers’ average ranking was 3.2, and the Ravens’ was 3.3.

There’s no question about who should be at the top. The Eagles held off the Bills in a Week 12 overtime win to become the NFL’s first team with double-digit wins in 2023. Philadelphia isn’t playing at the same level it was last season, but the club has gutted close victories over the Chiefs and Cowboys in recent weeks.

Things won’t get any easier over the next two games when the Eagles have a date with the 49ers followed by a repeat tilt against Dallas. If Philadelphia wins both those games and moves to 12-1, it might be hard for another club to usurp them in our power rankings over the rest of the year.

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