Anonymous 49ers players reportedly took shots at Trey Lance after injury

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Trey Lance is out for the season and will need ankle surgery. With that, Jimmy Garoppolo has been reinserted as the starter.

Per a report from the San Francisco Chronicle’s Michael Silver, some 49ers players think that may be a good thing.

At least one anonymous 49ers player thinks Garoppolo gives the team a better chance to win games right now. He might not necessarily be wrong, but as a teammate of Lance, shouldn’t players be concerned about his long-term health?

“This is the part no one wants to say publicly, but something several players and coaches enunciated privately in the wake of Sunday’s game—the 49ers are a better team right now with Garoppolo at quarterback than they were with Lance,” Michael Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote.

Can 49ers recover with quarterback Trey Lance?

As talented as Lance may be, it was always going to take some time for him to gel with this offense. The first week-plus didn’t go according to plan, as Lance lost his first start of the season to the Chicago Bears, and had just 30 yards passing when he injured his ankle against Seattle.

Much of the conversation surrounding Lance’s injury has to do with Kyle Shanahan’s play-calling. Lance was essentially running right up the middle, and taking heavy hits. Was that a wise decision from the 49ers head coach, especially considering Lance is supposed to be the future of the franchise?

Sure, the North Dakota State product is a tremendous runner, but putting him in harm’s way is ill-advised. He’s not built like that.

With Garoppolo, San Francisco is in better shape to win right away. Jimmy G has been there before, and while he’s more talented than Lance as a passer right now, he’s already reached his ceiling.

That’s the gamble Shanahan was taking with a player of Lance’s caliber. At his best, Lance could change the entire scope of the Niners offense. Instead, it’s back to the usual with Garoppolo.

Only, the usual could be good enough to win the NFC West — and more.

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