Andy Reid pays Patrick Mahomes the ultimate compliment

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid paid Patrick Mahomes the ultimate compliment after Sunday Night Football.

Reid and Mahomes have been together since the latter was drafted in 2017, and sat behind Alex Smith for a year. Reid has seen Mahomes develop into arguably the best signal-caller in the NFL, and at this rate, a surefire Hall of Famer.

Mahomes reminded us of just that on Sunday Night Football against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Reid hopes that Kansas City faithful realize they’re witnessing greatness. In fact, he reminds his team of this every now and then as well.

“I talked to the guys, like I mentioned last night, [and told them] just don’t take it for granted,” Reid said. “These things are special, some of these things we’re seeing from him, so appreciate them but it’s unique so enjoy every one of them. But it’s not something that a lot of people have that advantage of being a part of.”

Chiefs: Andy Reid won’t take Patrick Mahomes for granted

Mahomes finished with 249 yards passing and three touchdowns on Sunday night against a vaunted Buccaneers defense. By no means is that an easy task. Reid even discussed specific examples to the media, praising Mahomes for his downfield passing in the process:

“With that, I mean that throw was incredible. The throw to [Travis] Kelce is the one that might get looked over a little bit down the middle of the field. I mean that throw and that catch were ridiculous and there were a couple other ones in there that were really good. I mean the one naked play where he kind of hung onto it on third down and threw it up to JuJu [Smith-Schuster], I mean that was another good one. He had a very good game and I know the stats show that and some of the things he’s done historically have made history and [he] will continue to do that,” Reid said.

No. 15 always thinks he could play better, as well. Striving for more is what makes him one of the best quarterbacks in league history, and why he’s not close to done.

“That’s what I appreciate the most,” Reid said. “I mean he’s not sitting there patting himself on the back. He keeps moving forward and wanting to get even better.”

The best is yet to come from Mahomes.

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