Aaron Rodgers selfishness could screw Packers 1 last time

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has yet to decide if he’ll return this season, or request a trade to the New York Jets. Free agency starts shortly.

Aaron Rodgers has earned the right to make up his mind, yes. He’s a future Hall of Famer, and one of the greatest quarterbacks we’ve ever seen.

However, the legal tampering period starts on Monday for NFL free agency, and Green Bay doesn’t know how much money they have to play with partially because of Rodgers. What if No. 12 chooses to come back to the Packers? What if he retires, thus giving the Pack more money than they expected to work with in free agency?

None of those factors can be predicted at this juncture because Rodgers has yet to make up his mind. Per ESPN’s Rob Demovsky, “neither the Packers nor the Jets know what Aaron Rodgers is going to do.”

That tweet was an hour prior to the legal tampering period. Sheesh.

Aaron Rodgers rumors: Where Packers, Jets go from here

There are so many sides to this coin.

First, Green Bay is stuck in a holding pattern with potential free agents who may want to sign quickly. How are they supposed to surround Jordan Love with talent if they aren’t sure how much money they have to play with?

Then, there are free agents like Allen Lazard and (potentially) Randall Cobb, who would prefer to play with Rodgers over Love. Are they supposed to wait? Also, David Bakhtiari has been mentioned in potential trade rumors alongside Rodgers to the New York Jets. Where will he spend the next calendar year of his life?

Lastly, even the Jets are screwed over by this timing. With Rodgers in tow, they only have a certain amount of capital. Adding to the offense is critical given Rodgers only has a finite number of years left playing football.

No one knows what this man wants, not even himself.

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