Aaron Rodgers gets raucous ovation at Rangers game

Newly minted Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers has already become something of a New York celebrity.

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers is already an A-lister in New York. The cameras will follow him whether he’s walking the bustling streets of Soho or stopping by a hipster coffee shop in Bushwick, and he recently got a taste of the spotlight at a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden.

On Saturday night, the Rangers faced off against the New Jersey Devils, and at one point during the game, the Jumbotron picked out Rodgers in the crowd and zoomed in on him.

The veteran quarterback naturally received plenty of cheers and whoops — the crowds were simply ecstatic to see the Jets quarterback in the flesh.

Rodgers, for his part, looked at the camera and grinned, dropping the disgruntled, prickly act for a much warmer and more vibrant disposition. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Aaron Rodgers makes the crowd go gaga at Madison Square Garden

Rodgers mouthed “Let’s go” to the camera and looked like the happiest version of himself even though the waiting period for that trade took years off everybody’s lives.

The drawn-out Aaron Rodgers saga came to a close last week when the Jets and Green Bay Packers finally agreed to terms on a trade.

Rodgers left the only home he’s ever known to try to compete for a ring with a Jets team that hasn’t made the playoffs for the last three presidential terms. Hopes are obviously very high in New York as the Jets get the final missing piece to their otherwise elite squad; Rodgers will slide in as the starting quarterback surrounded by talent in the form of Breece Hall, Garrett Wilson, and other key roster pieces.

It’s just wholesome to see Rodgers supporting his local sports teams and settling into his new home. NYC has welcomed the veteran with open arms, and with any luck, Rodgers can pay the city back by punching the Jets a one-way ticket to the playoffs in 2023.

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