Aaron Rodgers gets entire Lambeau Field tour group to sing Happy Birthday to David Bakhtiari (Video)

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recruits Lambeau faithful to wish Packers offensive tackle David Bakhtiari a very happy birthday. 

NFL players are often the ones who make birthdays memorable for fans, whether it’s signing a beloved jersey or snapping a keepsake photo.

But on Sept. 30, it was cheeseheads who made David Bakhtiari’s 31st birthday a special one. Packers fans on a tour of Lambeau Field encountered Aaron Rodgers and Bakhtiari, and Rodgers encouraged everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” in unison.

Bakhtiari also joined in for the birthday song, wishing everyone thanks as he walked away.

Aaron Rodgers and Packers faithful wish David Bakhtiari a very happy 31st birthday

As two longtime staples on the Packers offense, Rodgers and Bakhtiari have built a close friendship over the past nine years, when Bakhtiari was drafted by the Packers in 2013.

Since then, the two have had a competitive beer chug-off at a Milwaukee Bucks game and been caught jamming on a golf cart at Lambeau — the golf cart was a gift from Bakhtiari this summer.

The friends have been there for each other for meaningful milestones in life, too. Rodgers officiated at Bakhtiari’s wedding earlier this year.

Perhaps now, Rodgers is more enthused about having Bakhtiari on the field more than ever, as his offensive tackle has been dealing with lingering knee issues through the first few weeks of the 2022 season. This comes after Bakhtiari tore his ACL in December 2020, which kept him sidelined for the majority of 2021.

When asked about Bakhtiari’s health recently, Rodgers couldn’t help but tease his longtime friend and teammate:

“I don’t wanna talk for David. I’ll let David do all the talking. He’s got a big mouth and enjoys using it, so I’ll let him answer that question,” Rodgers grinned.

This birthday seems to be a particularly special one for Bakhtiari. On Twitter, he expressed being able to continue playing the game at 31 years old. Additionally, Bakhtiari received a special birthday gift from his alma mater, the University of Colorado: his diploma.

With all that and the heartfelt birthday song, it seems like it was a great one for an offensive lineman Rodgers and Packers fans are overjoyed to see back on the field.

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