Aaron Rodgers first Jets OTAs experience has been a complete nightmare

Aaron Rodgers made an appearance at New York Jets OTAs, setting an example for his teammates. Unfortunately, it went horribly wrong.

It’s just practice, man. Not a game, not a game…

You know how the saying goes. Yet, despite all of this, Aaron Rodgers made an appearance at Jets OTAs in hopes of inspiring his new teammates and trying on his new digs. Unfortunately, it did not go according to plan.

While both likely minor injuries in the grand scheme of things (we hope), both Rodgers and his good friend Allen Lazard suffered injuries in practice.

Rodgers looked like he tweaked his ankle, and the team rightly decided to sit him the rest of practice. The new No. 8 doesn’t have much experience at optional team activities in recent years, but this isn’t Green Bay. Rodgers needs to lead a new offense with a lot of young players.

Nonetheless, the Jets did add some veterans Rodgers has familiarity with this offseason. Allen Lazard is one of those players, but he also succumbed to the injury bug on Tuesday.


Aaron Rodgers sets a good example for New York Jets

While Rodgers set the standard for his teammates, what he didn’t expect was one of his good friends going down with an injury, as well as suffering an ailment himself.

The reason OTAs is optional, especially for players like Rodgers, is that they often don’t have to take part in on-field activities if they’d rather not risk injury. In Rodgers experience, that’s largely been the case, especially towards the tail end of his career in Green Bay.

This Jets team, though, is largely reliant on Rodgers production at the QB position. They are literally a quarterback away from making a postseason run. That’s a lot of pressure, and thus far the Jets have catered to Rodgers every need.

It’s smart of him to get a head start, even if it led to a minor injury.

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