Aaron Rodgers cap hit if traded isn’t as bad as you think

If Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers were to be traded, his new team wouldn’t take on a gigantic cap hit for the 2023 season.

There appears to be movement on the Aaron Rodgers front. Ever since the Green Bay Packers‘ season ended, he has been contemplating his decision. This week, the New York Jets have received permission to speak with Rodgers, which did happen with a visit to California. Then, on Thursday, ESPN’s Dianna Russini reported that the Jets are confident that they will acquire Rodgers.

When looking at Rodgers’ current contract structure, he is set to account for $31.62 million against the cap for 2023, according to Spotrac. But for those thinking that the Jets would be picking up that cap hit, that actually won’t be the case.

Albert Breer of TheMMQB tweeted out that the team acquiring Rodgers in a trade, whoever that would be, would take on just a $15.74 million cap hit.

Aaron Rodgers’ cap hit for 2023 if trade actually isn’t that bad

So, for 2023, Rodgers’ cap hit won’t be that much if he is traded to a new team. But what about in future years?

Michael Ginnitti of Spotrac tweeted out Rodgers’ cap hit if he is on a new team, assuming no salary is retained. Rodgers will carry a $32.5 million cap hit in 2024, a $51.1 million cap hit in 2025, and a $45.2 million cap hit in 2026. But, Ginnitti notes that if this were to be a “one and done situation,” the new team would pay out $59.15 million in 2023 and eat $43.725 million in dead cap.

It appears as though, as of this writing, the Packers are moving on from Rodgers to begin the Jordan Love era. After all, Love was their 2020 first-round pick, and the team has until May 1 to pick up his fifth-year option for the 2024 season. With that, the Jets are the only team to receive permission to speak to Rodgers. With the players courting Rodgers on social media, and the aforementioned report of the Jets feeling confident about acquiring him, all eyes are on the AFC East team.

The league year officially begins on March 15, and NFL fans will be wondering what Rodgers decision will be in regards to his status for the 2023 season. Will he agree to be traded to a new team? Or will he retire?

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