Aaron Rodgers admits he’s counting the wins against rival Bears

Aaron Rodgers not only owns the Chicago Bears, but he is keeping tabs on all the Green Bay Packers’ victories over them, past, present and potentially in the future.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers owns the Chicago Bears and everyone knows it.

With these NFC North rivals squaring off at Lambeau Field on Sunday Night Football in Week 2, everybody outside of Chicagoland knew this game was over before toe even met leather. The two-time reigning NFL MVP vs. a second-year quarterback and a first-time head coach in Green Bay. Give me a break, dude. The Packers won easily 27-10, resulting in another primetime snooze fest.

Not only is Rodgers an elite quarterback, he is otherworldly at Packers-Bears win/loss accounting.

Aaron Rodgers own the Chicago Bears and is keeping track of all of the wins

This was a great get-right game for the Packers. They looked out of sorts vs. the division rival Minnesota Vikings last week. While losing in Minneapolis to a playoff-caliber Vikings team is not the end of the world, dropping to 0-2 vs. a lowly Bears squad would have been nothing short of catastrophic. With the NFC being down as a whole, the Packers have to take advantage of this.

Even though it was cool to see Rodgers have a little fun at the Bears’ expense in the postgame, can we please stop showing the most overrated rivalry in the NFL in primetime for the foreseeable future? I understand that this is a top-three brand in the sport (Green Bay) going up against a top-three media market (Chicago), but the Bears have not earned the right to ruin SNF for everyone.

Although every team is guaranteed at least one primetime game, we would all rather see the Packers play the Vikings, or even the Detroit Lions, in primetime over the Bears. Fields might be good one day. Eberflus may figure it out as head coach. But that day is not today. The future is brighter for the Bears … in Arlington Heights, but this is the price we pay for Rodgers owning you.

For as long as Rodgers owns the Bears, he will continue to flex on Chicago in big primetime spots.

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