5 teams to trade up to No. 1 pick, who they should draft

Bryce Young, Alabama Crimson Tide

Bryce Young, Alabama Crimson Tide, NFL rumors. (Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images)

If the Chicago Bears want to trade the No. 1 overall, these five NFL teams should be interested.

Should the Chicago Bears move off the No. 1 pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, here is who can move up.

The growing notion is the Bears are going to keep franchise quarterback Justin Fields and build around him, as they should. In theory, they could stay at the top overall selection to draft either edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. out of Alabama of defensive tackle Jalen Carter out of Georgia. Both players are worthy of going No. 1, but Bryce Young and C.J. Stroud are also franchise quarterbacks.

Field Yates outlined five teams picking inside of the top 10 who could make the jump up to No. 1.

Let’s discuss each of these teams possibly moving up to No. 1, as well as who they should select.

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NFL rumors: 5 teams who could trade up with Bears for No. 1 pick


NFL rumors: Houston Texans have a fantastic opportunity to get a new franchise quarterback

To be frank, the Houston Texans could sit back at No. 2 and get either Bryce Young out of Alabama or C.J. Stroud out of Ohio State. It is mathematically impossible for both star quarterbacks to be off the board before they pick second. However, there are other teams in dire need of a franchise quarterback and they may like the same guy that they do. We cannot wait for AFC game theory!

Keep in mind that former Texans star linebacker DeMeco Ryans is their new head coach. Prior to being drafted by Houston, he was a star in the SEC at Alabama for Mike Shula. He shares the same alma mater as Young, so that will be hard to overlook. You also have to remember that the Indianapolis Colts are in division and need a quarterback. They just hired a new head coach as well.

If Houston is indifferent on Young or Stroud, they’ll be fine, but if they have a preference, move up.

Bryce Young

QB Alabama Crimson Tide

The Alabama connection between Bryce Young and DeMeco Ryans is too strong

Even though it may pain him not to draft Crimson Tide defensive star Will Anderson Jr., DeMeco Ryans knows his coaching tenure in Houston will be entirely attached to a quarterback. In theory, he would not be wrong in going with Stroud here. He is more of the pocket passer prototype, certainly a quarterback with a much larger frame. But Young does play with some kind of magic…

It is hard to quantify what Young can do off-script, but it is fun to watch. No, this isn’t some Baker Mayfield/Johnny Manziel scramble around in the backfield to chuck it long kind of nonsense. We are looking at a total game-changer in Young. Sure, the Texans can draft Stroud, but if Young plays like he did in Tuscaloosa, Texans fans, and Ryans, will be kicking themselves over passing on him.

Houston could use the No. 12 pick from the Cleveland Browns to move up to No. 1 if it needs to.

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