3 teams desperate enough to sign Carson Wentz

NFL Rumors Carson Wentz

Kyle Trask, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Carson Wentz was released by the Commanders after one season on Monday. But some NFL team is going to be desperate enough to go after him.

With NFL teams clearing up their salary cap ahead of the start of NFL free agency and with the NFL Combine looming at the end of this week in Indianapolis, the Washington Commanders had no problem doing what they should have. Along with cornerback Bobby McCain, the organization also released quarterback Carson Wentz after his one season in the nation’s capital.

This was expected after the former No. 2 overall pick was benched by Washington mid-season. However, it’s more interesting to consider his future. With his lack of performance, his questionable leadership abilities, and his apparent unwillingness to be a surefire backup, how many options does he have?

More importantly, the better question would be which NFL teams would be desperate enough to sign him this offseason? Desperation may not be the only motivating factor, but there is a world in which these teams could be sensible landing spots for Carson Wentz.

NFL Rumors: 3 Carson Wentz landing spots with desperate teams

3. Carson Wentz could start to look attractive to the Buccaneers

When you’re staring down the barrel of having Kyle Trask starting honest-to-god NFL games, a team might be willing to do just about anything.

Though Bruce Arians and several members of the Buccaneers organization have voiced public support of the former second-round pick out of Florida, but anyone who watched Trask’s tape will tell you the chances of him actually succeeding at the helm of an NFL offense lie somewhere between slim and none with a lean to the latter.

That likely means that the Bucs are going to bring in a veteran at some point this offseason and, given the expected tepid market around Wentz and the Tampa Bay cap concerns, perhaps this is something that would be attractive to the franchise.

Bringing in Wentz would give them the chance to see what they have in Trask as they won’t feel a high-priced obligation to play a free-agent veteran but they also can put Wentz out there if (when?) Trask fails and still field a marginally functional offense.

All this is to say, Wentz would be a tremendous stopgap before Caleb Williams or Drake Maye can join the franchise.

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