1 team actually isn’t out on Lamar Jackson pursuit

Potential Lamar Jackson suitors seemed to be dwindling after the Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on the QB, but one team isn’t out just yet.

The possibility that the Baltimore Ravens would place the franchise tag on quarterback Lamar Jackson had been likely for quite some time. However, if the team chose to use the non-exclusive tag, thus allowing the former NFL MVP to negotiate with teams on a contract before the Ravens could match or receive two first-round picks from the other franchise if they didn’t and letting Jackson walk, the market was expected to be lucrative.

As such, the aftermath on Tuesday when Baltimore indeed utilized the non-exclusive tag was a bit shocking. Rather than hearing about all of the interested teams, it was instead a list of potential fits that reportedly aren’t interested that came out.

ESPN NFL insider Field Yates compiled multiple reports to note that the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Commanders, Las Vegas Raiders, Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins had all ruled out Lamar Jackson as a potential option at quarterback.

But that might not actually be the case for one of those teams.

NFL rumors: Raiders haven’t ruled out Lamar Jackson

According to ESPN’s Dianna Russini and a source within the Raiders organization, Las Vegas has not taken any option off of the table at quarterback, specifically noting that Jackson was not out of the question just yet for the silver and black.

It should also be worth noting that, taking Russini’s report word-for-word, they might not be out on Aaron Rodgers either, as had been previously reported. However, that seems unlikely given that a Jets deal might be as good as done with the Packers at this point.

In the case of Lamar Jackson, though, that would make the most sense for the Raiders in their current situation. The team moved on from Derek Carr when they didn’t necessarily have to and moving to someone like a Jimmy Garoppolo in free agency would feel more akin to a lateral move than an upgrade. Jackson, however, represents the latter type of move.

Jackson going into an offense with Davante Adams, Darren Waller and Josh Jacobs would be enticing to see, even if the Raiders still need help that the first-round picks they’d have to give to the Ravens should they agree to a deal Baltimore didn’t want to match could provide.

Mark Davis and the Raiders have never been shy about making a big splash, though. And with what appeared to be a tepid market for Jackson materializing, jumping in and making the deal happen would qualify as such.

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