Where Is the NFL Draft in 2023?

From 1965 until 2014, the only reason somebody would ask, “where is the NFL draft,” would be if they lived under a rock and didn’t follow the league. Back then, the draft annually spent its days in New York City, New York.

But since 2015, that has changed. The NFL draft has taken on an identity of its own, independent of the league. While the draft feeds talent to the NFL, it’s its own industry today. In 2023, it will take place somewhere it has never been, but that has won two championships over the past four seasons.

Where Is the NFL Draft in 2023?

The NFL draft is headed to Kansas City, Missouri. After remaining in a single location for years, the league moved the draft to different locations around the country. Each host city is awarded the draft two years ahead of time, giving city planners time to organize the massive event.

The 2023 NFL Draft will be held at Kansas City’s Union Station, which shares space with a WWI museum and memorial.

“Kansas City is going to be a great host,” Roger Goodell said. “The key for them is to do it Kansas City style. Kansas City has incredible, passionate fans and a great community.”

History of NFL Draft Locations

Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Nashville, New York City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. are the 11 cities that have hosted a draft since its inception in 1936 when it all began at the Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia.

History of the NFL Draft

May we all thank Eagles co-owner Bert Bell for suggesting the NFL begin drafting players from college in an attempt to keep teams more equal. The MLB had already started using a draft to assign minor league players to major league teams, but the NFL draft was the first to assign amateur players to professional teams in 1936.

In 1963, the Lions, Eagles, and Steelers created a talent organization named LESTO better to understand the players available in the draft pool. Before then, there was very little information about the players, making mistakes almost certain in the form of player acquisition. Today, if a player broke their toe when they were 11, teams know about it.

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Teams also wanted more information, particularly medical, on the players they were taking. In 1976, the Jets invited some players for interviews and medical examinations. By 1987, the NFL Combine as we know it in Indianapolis began.

In 1980, Pete Rozell reluctantly agreed to broadcast the NFL draft on ESPN, which had been established the year prior. Since then, it has become its own industry, as well as its own corner of the internet.

2023 NFL Draft Projections

The 2023 NFL Draft is expected to exceed $100 million in revenue for Kansas City. The city also expects more than 350,000 visitors during that time. Accommodation sales are expected to reach $62 million, making it the city’s big-money ticket over the three-day event.

Where Is the 2024 NFL Draft and Beyond?

Detroit appears on the right path as an organization for the first time. And the 2024 NFL Draft may come after the Lions win their very first NFC North division title. The team has built a contender with Dan Campbell and Brad Holmes. There would be an incredible buzz around that city if they were to make the playoffs the year they host.

Detroit beat out Green Bay and Washington D.C. for rights to the draft. The Packers have also applied for 2025 and 2027. Packers president Mark Murphy said, “We’ll be given strong consideration. We’ve been close on other ones, too.”

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