What Is Troy Aikman’s Beer Company?

Former NFL quarterback Troy Aikman is taking a stance with his beer company: It’s all about the beer, and that’s it.

Troy Aikman’s EIGHT Beer Company

The EIGHT company owner promises all beer with no agenda and no distractions. He would prefer that the only debate people are having with his light lager is their discussion while drinking it.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback suggested that consumers are picking up on the lack of authenticity other companies have, implying that they take on bold political views for market shares. Aikman feels that the last thing people want is someone else’s opinion served up with their brew.

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Despite doing an exclusive interview with TMZ Sports Thursday, Aikman has ruffled feathers, something he has been successful at doing as a sportscaster.

Some people feel he is using the recent Bud Light controversy to market his own beer and call out other beer companies. Aikman may not have said much, but what he’s not saying may be fueling this discussion.

Fuel Behind Aikman’s New Brand

The EIGHT Beer Company is currently serving up cold Elite Light Lagers only in the Lone Star State. They will likely expand outside of Texas, and they may end up serving more than just light beer. But for right now, the company is dedicated to perfecting their brew in the location they are in.

The lager is made with organic grains, is low-calorie and low-carb, and the hops are antioxidant-loaded.

Why light beer? Aikman is careful what he puts in his body but likes to tip back a tasty cool one; he designed a brew for like-minded people.

Aikman says that his company is the fastest-growing independent beer brand in the history of the state of Texas and the seventh in the country. The EIGHT brand appears to be here to stay.

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