“We Didn’t See a Lot of Jordan Love Jerseys”

Replacing an NFL legend and future Hall of Fame QB is an unenviable task, and this season, no one faces a larger shadow than Green Bay Packers QB Jordan Love. Green Bay traded Aaron Rodgers to the New York Jets in the offseason and turned the keys to the franchise over to the unproven Love. Through four games, not all NFL analysts are sold on the youngster.

Ryan Fitzpatrick, the talking head for QBs on Amazon Prime who can be highly critical of the QB play around the league, is on the fence regarding the future of Love under center for the Packers.

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What Did Ryan Fitzpatrick Say About Jordan Love?

Fitzpatrick made an analogy between fan apparel floating around Lambeau Field to the unease of Love at the QB position. While it’s not surprising given the recent change at the QB position, Fitzpatrick thought it noteworthy.

“We saw a lot of Jordan Love T-shirts. We didn’t see a lot of Jordan Love jerseys. The jury is still out.”

Is the Jury Still Out on Love?

The jury should be out on any young QB with the number of starts at the NFL level that Love has. Remember, Love sat for several seasons behind Rodgers. While sitting behind Rodgers and learning from a savant at the QB position was likely positive for Love’s development, we live in the “what have you done for me lately” era.

NFL teams and fanbases are impatient by nature and want success on the field immediately. Green Bay, in particular, has been spoiled by extraordinary QB play moving from Brett Favre to Rodgers. The Packers have 30 years of All-Pro level play at the position, so expectations are high for the QB of the Packers.

Any verdict on whether Love can cut it at the NFL level is a rushed decision. The jury should remain out as we gather more evidence as to whether Love is a quality NFL QB.

Is the Criticism of Love Fair?

The Packers’ offensive line has been a shell of its former self. The pass-blocking has been atrocious with all of the injuries across the line. Love was running for his life on Thursday night, and the Detroit Lions’ front seven was after him all night.

The Packers have also been without their primary weapons, with injuries to WR Christian Watson and RB Aaron Jones. Watson and Jones returned last night but in a limited capacity and were clearly not 100 percent. If the dominoes fall around Love, how can we make an accurate evaluation?

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Take Love’s performance so far in 2023 with a grain of salt. Better days are ahead … if the Packers faithful can be patient.

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