Robbie Anderson traded to Cardinals after being kicked out by Panthers: Best memes and tweets

Robbie Anderson was kicked off the field by the Panthers and sent packing to the Cardinals. The social media world had plenty to say. 

The last we saw Robbie Anderson, he went off on the sideline before being kicked off the field by the Panthers coaching staff. Now he’s off the team and, rather than hitting waivers or free agency, he’s headed west via a trade.

After Carolina’s loss to Los Angeles, the Panthers traded Anderson to the Arizona Cardinals.

Naturally, the Twitter world had plenty to say.

Robbie Anderson traded to Cardinals after Panthers blow up: Best memes and tweets

Some were straight and to the point, while others had some fun with the moment.

On paper, the number of wide receivers that the Arizona Cardinals have available to them is astounding, which means there can’t be more excuses for Kyler Murray. Having guys like DeAndre Hopkins and Greg Dortch as teammates with Robbie Anderson should really elevate the passing game because now defenses have to think carefully about who to guard, and the others can take advantage of it.

Having said that, the game against the Rams should give the fans in the desert cause to pause regarding Anderson. He can play and has traits that can help a team, but he has several flaws that raise eyebrows.

Alienating teammates when things don’t go well, combined with several drops during his tenure, it’s no surprise the Cardinals were able to get Robbie Anderson at such a low price. Still, he is a good enough player to play in the NFL, and hopefully, the move will allow him to take advantage of a better opportunity.

In the end, it’s about what you do on the field. So far, Robbie Anderson, at least this season, has not done much, but maybe a change of scenery can help him out. The Cardinals are still on the clock, and time is ticking. What will they do with this? You can only watch and see.

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