Richard Sherman calls out NFL teams over Lamar Jackson stance

Richard Sherman likes to make sure his voice is heard and he is making sure it is loud and clear and he has thoughts about Lamar Jackson.

With everything that is going on with Lamar Jackson right now — not being able to get the options that he wants, and also being stuck with the non-exclusive franchise tag — the Baltimore Ravens are making it harder for other NFL teams to pick up Jackson.

The non-exclusive franchise tag means that an NFL team would have to give up at least two first-round picks. But if a team offers Jackson some money for a trade, the Baltimore Ravens are able to match it and keep Jackson.

Richard Sherman stands up for Lamar Jackson

Richard Sherman went on to Twitter to explain how unpleased he is with other NFL teams and what they are planning on doing, or not doing, with the Lamar Jackson situation.

Richard Sherman stated “Some teams would rather Lose. Or gamble those same picks on a unproven kids in hopes he is half the player Lamar Jackson is.”

His attack on NFL teams didn’t mention specifics, but the Atlanta Falcons are implied do their reported interest in Lamar Jackson until the non-exclusive franchise tag was placed.

The Atlanta Falcons were not the only team to pull their possible bid for Lamar Jackson — reportedly the Carolina Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Washington Commanders, and Las Vegas Raiders went the same route.

Richard Sherman is not the only person speaking up

There have been a few other former NFL players who have stepped up and stated how they feel. J.J. Watt made sure that he also had his voice heard when it came to Jackson.

Watt stated “Why are all of these teams so publicly “out” on Lamar Jackson, an MVP winner in his prime at the most important position in the entire NFL? What am I missing here?”

Where former NFL safety, Ryan Clark made sure that he broke it down a little more for everyone.

Will there be that one NFL team that takes Lamar Jackson, or is he just going to have to deal with being a Baltimore Raven for another year?

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