Rasul Douglas reveals Packers teammates want Aaron Rodgers back

Rasul Douglas intimated that Aaron Rodgers knows exactly how his Green Bay Packers teammates really feel about him.

Green Bay Packers defensive back Rasul Douglas has a perfectly good explanation as to why his teammates are not blowing up Aaron Rodgers’ accounts on social media to get him to stay.

Gary Ellerson of Spectrum News 1 was wondering why Rodgers’ teammates were not going to bat for him on social media, while seemingly every New York Jets player under the sun is publicly courting the guy. As it turns out, Rodgers is a good teammate and teammates like Douglas all have his number and are more than capable of reaching out to him privately about these things.

This is one of those prime examples where some media members don’t get that they don’t get it.

Rodgers is still deciding what he wants to do, to either stay put, retire or be traded elsewhere.

Rasul Douglas makes it clear how Green Bay Packers feel about Aaron Rodgers

There are pros and cons to playing in Green Bay. Although the major midwestern metropolis of Milwaukee is not that far away, the Packers play in the smallest city of any professional sports team in the country. They don’t have an owner and play outdoors in a frigid climate. Green Bay also has incredible fans and a collegiate feel to the game of football being played at the highest level.

There may not be a ton to do in town, but the players hang out with each other all the time during the season. Many great bonds have been forged over the years by those who have worn the green and yellow and rocked the G on their helmets. The only other NFL franchise that is kind of like this is the Buffalo Bills, where they are without debate the biggest thing in town in Western New York.

So while players on the Jets are courting Rodgers left and right, they don’t know him like his Packers teammates do. Although not everybody on the team may love him, because who is universally beloved in any workplace, honestly, Rodgers has time and time again earned his teammates’ respect with the way he prepares, the way he leads and the way that he plays.

Truth be told, Rodgers’ Packers teammates are probably courting him harder than the Jets are.

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