Patrick Mahomes couldn’t get Travis Kelce off the White House mic quicker

Patrick Mahomes saw Travis Kelce attempt to speak into the White House microphone and immediately stopped him.

Never leave an open microphone in front of Travis Kelce because if Patrick Mahomes isn’t there to stop him, who knows what he’ll say?

The White House got that lesson out of the way quickly. President Joe Biden welcomed the Super Bowl Champions for the first time as their last visit was canceled due to COVID. Upon taking a jersey picture with the POTUS, Kelce saw a mic and wanted to give a speech.

Sensing danger, or perhaps he was warned by Jason Kelce to keep Travis in order, Mahomes ran over and pulled the future Hall of Famer away from the microphone, knowing what could come out of Kelce’s mouth next would be a viral sensation.

Travis Kelce was saved by Patrick Mahomes from going wild on the microphone in, of all places, the White House.

The situation resulted in chuckles from those in attendance, and for good reason. When Travis gets to the mic, you will know about it. Just ask the Bengals from last season’s AFC Championship game, notably Mayor Aftab Pureval.

In all seriousness, Travis Kelce has a right to talk. He now has his second ring, thanks to a win over his brother Jason and the Philadelphia Eagles. He’s also got, arguably, the best quarterback in the league as his signal-caller, so the time to party is practically every day. Just imagine what Kelce would have said if Mahomes didn’t swoop in like the Flash and halted the ordeal.

We guess he might have gone off on his “You Gotta Fight” slogan that has rocked Kansas City over the past few years, thanks to the franchise’s success. It’ll always be a mystery that can never be solved unless, of course, you ask Travis, which he might reveal on the next New Heights podcast.

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