Packers have simple opportunity to right the ship with their offense

The Packers plan to get back on track is almost too easy

The Green Bay Packers need some help, their London Week 5 loss to the New York Giants proved that. Don’t worry, Matt LaFleur, I’m about to solve all your problems for you with one sentence: Run Aaron Jones.

That’s it. That’s the article.

No, let’s color things in a bit with some context and reasoning, but it truly does feel that simple right now, and the more you look at things, the easier it becomes to scratch your head regarding why the Packers aren’t already doing this.

We can break it down a little more. Jones is averaging nearly 20 percent more yards per carry this year than last. But through the first five weeks of this year compared to the first five of 2021, he’s getting 13 percent fewer carries per game.

In fairness to LaFleur and Adam Stenavich, if we compare his season average to last year’s entire season average (rather than just the first five games), he’s actually getting more rushing attempts per game this year, so maybe this is a strategy to keep his legs conserved throughout the season. Still, with the Packers not exactly blowing the competition out of the water, is now the time for that?

Packers need for single yard vs Giants should have been a wakeup call, Jets pose great opportunity

The Packers, in a crucial moment on Sunday against the Giants, needed one yard on third down to extend their drive. An incomplete pass brought them to fourth down, and that was an incomplete pass as well.

Time management was a factor at that point in the game, so rushing the ball was perhaps not the most effective strategy from that perspective. That said, time on the clock only matters if you can use it to score, and turning the ball over on downs removes that possibility.

No doubt, there is a lot of revisionist history here, but the solution here is so obvious. Run. The. Ball.

There’s a great opportunity for the Pack to rectify this situation this week. The Jets — though they do limit opponents to just four yards per rush, have given up 7 rushing touchdowns this season, the sixth-worst in the NFL.

Now would be a great time to utilize a Pro Bowl running back, huh Green Bay?

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