Oregon State 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports Include Brandon Kipper, Tre’Shaun Harrison, and Jaydon Grant

The Oregon State Beavers did a — dam — good job in 2022, finishing 10-3 and demolishing the Florida Gators in the Las Vegas Bowl. Let’s dissect Oregon State’s top 2023 NFL Draft prospects and their scouting reports to project ceilings at the next level.

Oregon State 2023 NFL Draft Scouting Reports

Alex Austin, CB

Strengths: Nice-sized corner who displays solid ball skills. Quick pedaling in reverse, smooth in transition, and stays on the receiver’s hip out of breaks. Physical, mixes it up with opponents throughout the route, and uses his frame as an advantage. Effective facing the action and shows a lot of ability in zone. Works hard defending the run.

Weaknesses: Does a lot of face guarding and is slow getting his head back around to locate the pass. Plays out of control. Shows hesitation in his game and gets beat.

Overall: Austin is a physical corner with next-level size, yet suspect speed. He offers a ton of ability in zone coverage and also comes with a special-teams mentality.

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Brandon Kipper, OT

Strengths: Four-year starter who played 35 games with the first team. Large blocker who flashed ability on the college level. Strong, explosive, and fires off the snap. Stays square, keeps his feet moving, and keeps defenders in front of him. Immediately gets his hands up, works to bend his knees, and blocks with leverage.

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Weaknesses: Lacks balance and struggles finishing blocks. Minimally effective in motion or blocking on the second level. Lacks agility and struggles to adjust.

Overall: Kipper caught my eye three years ago, as he was a large, quick blocker who was effective at left tackle. His game never improved the way I thought possible, and Kipper looked awful at times last season. He possesses the size to play on Sundays but must polish his game and consistently play at a high level.

Jaydon Grant, S

Strengths: Tough run-defending safety with nice size. Quickly picks up assignments, plays with reckless abandon, and sells out to defend throws or make the tackle. Fires upfield on the blitz, quickly locates the ball handler, and wraps up tackling. Displays a burst to the ball out of his plant. Shows good awareness and keeps the action in front of him.

Weaknesses: Not a stout tackler. Possesses poor hands for the interception. Average speed is a concern.

Overall: Grant was a productive safety at Oregon State the past four seasons. Though he lacks athleticism, he has enough ability to make a roster as a fourth safety/special-teams player.

Luke Musgrave, TE

Strengths: Tall, athletic tight end with tremendous upside. Fires off the snap into blocks, squares into defenders, and aggressively works to finish off opponents. Smooth, fluid, and plays with outstanding body control.

Tracks the pass in the air and displays outstanding eye/hand coordination. Moves well around the field, is effective on crossing patterns, and makes the reception in stride. Finds the open spot on the field to make himself an available target.

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Weaknesses: Possesses average strength at the point of attack. Must improve his route running. Minimally productive throughout his college career and played in just two games last year before being sidelined with injury.

Overall: Musgrave has shown flashes of next-level ability on the college level and comes with great upside. He’s more potential than production to this point, yet if properly coached and able to stay healthy, Musgrave could develop into a starting TE on Sundays.

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Rejzohn Wright, CB

Strengths: Nice-sized corner who displays outstanding ball skills. Mixes it up with receivers and sells out to defend running plays or screen passes. Engages receivers at the line of scrimmage, quickly flips his hips, and physically beats down receivers to defend throws. Tracks the pass in the air, displays good anticipation, and works to get involved.

Weaknesses: Slow getting his head back around and does a lot of face-guarding. Deep speed is a concern. Lacks a great burst to the ball out of his plant. Loses receivers out of routes. Gets grabby at times.

Overall: Wright possesses next-level size and has shown the ability to dominate opponents on occasion. His deep speed is a major concern, but in the proper scheme, Wright has the ability to develop into a starting cornerback on Sundays.

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Tre’Shaun Harrison, WR

Strengths: Florida State transfer coming off a career year. Displays good route discipline, quickly gets into breaks, and stays low on exit. Lays out or extends to come away with the difficult grab and consistently makes the reception away from his frame. Displays eye/hand coordination and looks the pass in. Gives effort blocking downfield.

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Weaknesses: More quick than fast. Easily brought down after the catch. Had just one season of big production.

Overall: Harrison finally met expectations last season and was the go-to guy teams struggled to stop. He’s a solid underneath receiver who runs good routes and possesses reliable hands. Harrison also shows potential as a punt returner and could make a roster as a fifth receiver.

Tyjon Lindsey, WR

Strengths: Smaller, yet quick receiver who comes with return possibilities. Fires into routes, stays low exiting breaks, and comes back to the ball. Finds the clearing in the defense, tracks the pass in the air, and adjusts to errant throws.

Gets down to scoop up low passes. Shows the ability to create yardage when the ball is in his hands, slips off defenders, and makes them miss. Effective on coverage units.

Weaknesses: Unnecessarily lets the ball get inside him. Doesn’t show much of a burst or second gear. Small and easily brought down at the point.

Overall: Lindsey is a slot receiver prospect whose quickness will be an asset in returning punts.

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