NFL Twitter roasts Nathaniel Hackett, Brandon Staley in battle of worsts

The Broncos and Chargers both deserved to lose on Monday Night Football as Nathaniel Hackett and Brandon Staley tried to outdo the other with bad coaching.

NFL fans have been cursed with some really bad football in primetime this season. Way too much of it has come courtesy of the Denver Broncos.

So with the Broncos playing the Chargers on Monday Night Football, there wasn’t much promise for good football.

Yet somehow, it was even worse than anyone could have imagined.

The head coaches on both sidelines seemed convinced that they weren’t in a battle to win a football game. The competition was to see who could do the worst job.

Nathaniel Hackett and Brandon Staley tried to lose Monday Night Football

Twitter had words for both Nathaniel Hackett and Brandon Staley:

By the time overtime rolled around, people were done with both head coaches and both teams.

In the end, the Chargers won the game with a 39-yard field goal after the Broncos muffed a punt. It was a fitting end to an ugly game.

Denver had their offense going initially. They took a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. Los Angeles fought back to tie the game in the second quarter.

Everything after halftime was painful for the offenses. The two teams traded field goals until they ended up in overtime locked at 16-16. There were more muffed punts (1) than first downs (0) in OT.

Along the way, Hackett infuriated Broncos fans by abandoning the run in short-yardage situations. Staley drove Chargers fans crazy by going for a fourth-down attempt at the start of the fourth quarter instead of kicking a go-ahead field goal, then mismanaging his timeouts in the final minutes.

The good news is the game eventually ended and football fans won’t have to watch the Broncos or Chargers in primetime next week.

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