NFL Twitter absolutely destroyed Packers for blowing it against Giants

The Green Bay Packers were close to a victory over the New York Giants in the London game, but they weren’t quite close enough.

The Green Bay Packers nearly pulled a victory over the New York Giants in the London game, but they weren’t quite close enough. Early in the fourth quarter, the game was tied 20-20 until the Giants came up 27-20. Green Bay made a huge attempt to come up in the last six minutes of the game, but they fell short with a final score of 27-22.

Green Bay also held a 17-3 lead in the first half, so they were seemingly on the right path to success. Then, the second half crushed their lead and cost them the win.

This game was certainly frustrating for Packers fans in one of the most special regular-season games.

As fans typically do in any situation, exciting or upsetting, they took to Twitter their reactions with some priceless expressions.

Fans react to the Packers loss against the Giants

Many were surprised to see the loss considering the Giants haven’t necessarily been considered a great team over the past few seasons.

One fan Tweeted, “No way the Packers lost to the Giants.”

Another acknowledged the 17-3 lead and was shocked, as most are, by the blown lead. He wrote, “I can’t believe the packers lost WTF we we’re up 17-3.”

One is disappointed by two teams in London: the Packers and Liverpool. They wrote, “The Green Bay Packers and Liverpool, two things currently closely located in North London letting me down.”

Another made a hilarious statement of, “Green Bay Packers had to fly all the way to London England to be beaten by the NY Giants…”

The loss was undoubtedly a disappointing one. Hopefully Packers fans will be able to enjoy their team again soon.

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