NFL power rankings, Week 7: Jets rise, Buccaneers sink

In our Week 7 NFL power rankings, the New York Jets have taken flight, while the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are seeing their ship take on water.


Carolina Panthers 1-5

Last rank: 29th

It’s time for the Panthers to have a full-blown fire sale.


Houston Texans 1-3-1

Last rank: 31st

The Texans have fought hard in every game. This week, the Raiders with both teams coming off the bye.


Chicago Bears 2-4

Last rank: 28th

Chicago can’t score. It’s not good, considering you need to score point to win games.


Washington Commanders 2-4

Last rank: 30th

Taylor Heinicke to the rescue? Seriously, he can’t be much worse than Carson Wentz.


Detroit Lions 1-4

Last rank: 27th

The Lions can score points, but they can’t stop their opponents. Now, Dallas.


Pittsburgh Steelers 2-4

Last rank: 32nd

Pittsburgh has been really bad for the most part, but a huge win to keep hope alive against the Buccaneers.


Cleveland Browns 2-4

Last rank: 22nd

The next four games? Buffalo, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati and Baltimore. Good night.


Denver Broncos 2-4

Last rank: 20th

Russell Wilson is signed until he’s 40 years old. He’s currently 33.


Arizona Cardinals 2-4

Last rank: 18th

The Cardinals extended Kliff Kingsbury this offseason, and now six games into the campaign, he’s talking about giving up play-calling. Yikes.


Jacksonville Jaguars 2-4

Last rank: 17th

The Jaguars looked like a fun team after beating the Chargers in Week 3. Turns out, they aren’t fun.


Las Vegas Raiders 1-4

Last rank: 19th

If the Raiders are going to make a push towards the playoffs, it starts with this easy upcoming stretch.


New Orleans Saints 2-4

Last rank: 16th

The Saints have talent, but the quarterback position is a mess.


Indianapolis Colts 3-2-1

Last rank: 26th

How the hell are the Colts above .500? Feels like a magic trick.


New England Patriots 3-3

Last rank: 25th

Bailey Zappe might turn Mac Jones into a less expensive Drew Bledsoe.


Seattle Seahawks 3-3

Last rank: 23rd

Geno Smith is a great story, the Seahawks are tied atop the NFC West, and Seattle found its defense in Week 6.


Atlanta Falcons 3-3

Last rank: 21st

Atlanta is one of the best-coached teams in the league. Love the offensive creativity from Arthur Smith.


New York Jets 4-2

Last rank: 24th

J-E-T-S. Time to give Gang Green some love. That was a dominant win over the Packers.


Tennessee Titans 3-2

Last rank: 15th

Tennessee is riding a three-game win streak out of its bye and looks like the best team in the AFC South.


Los Angeles Rams 3-3

Last rank: 14th

The offensive line continues to lose starters, and now Cam Akers is on his way out.


Miami Dolphins 3-3

Last rank: 10th

The Dolphins need to get healthy in the worst way.


Los Angeles Chargers 4-2

Last rank: 13th

It’s not pretty —  at all — but the Chargers are tied atop the AFC West.


Cincinnati Bengals 3-3

Last rank: 12th

Cincinnati found a way to win at New Orleans, and pulled into a first-place tie alongside Baltimore in the AFC North.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-3

Last rank: 4th

Tom Brady has to be wondering why he came back.


Green Bay Packers 3-3

Last rank: 8th

What the hell is going on? The Packers look lost on both sides of the ball.


San Francisco 49ers 3-3

Last rank: 7th

San Francisco is loaded, but the Niners are so beat up. Tough to win like this.


Baltimore Ravens 3-3

Last rank: 6th

Lamar Jackson needs to be better in the second half. It’s been a problem in a few games this year.


Dallas Cowboys 4-2

Last rank: 9th

A rare moment where a team moves up three spots despite losing, but the Cowboys are getting Dak Prescott back and the rest of the league is mediocre.


New York Giants 5-1

Last rank: 11th

New York football appears to be back. The Giants are fighting hard, they’re really well-coached, and the defense has been nails in big spots.


Minnesota Vikings 5-1

Last rank: 5th

The Vikings leave plenty to be desired, but at 5-1 they deserve respect in a very middling league save for the next three teams.


Kansas City Chiefs 4-2

Last rank: 3rd

Tough to move the Chiefs down for playing Buffalo to the wire with myriad defensive injuries. The Chiefs will be right there in late January.


Buffalo Bills 5-1

Last rank: 2nd

Buffalo looks like the best team in football. Dominant on both sides of the ball.


Philadelphia Eagles 6-0

Last rank: 1st

Hard not to put Philadelphia atop the list. The Eagles are winning in a litany of ways. Most importantly, they just keep winning.

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